VIE-79 Life
Thérèse plunged in the fire of love - painting by Sr. Marie of the Holy Spirit, Carmelite of Lisieux - 70 x 91 cm. We have kept her wash.

Well, I was beginning the Way of the Cross; suddenly, I was seized by such a violent love for God that I can’t explain it except by saying it felt as if I were totally plunged into fire. Oh! That fire and what sweetness at one and the same time! I was on fire with love, and I felt that one minute more, one second more, and I wouldn’t be able to sustain this ardor without dying. I understood, then, what the saints were saying about these states which they experienced so often. As for me, I experienced it only once and for one single instant, falling immediately back into my habitual state of dryness. Yellow notebook, July 7th, 1897, 2nd word (Therese of Lisieux: her last conversations).
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