From Pauline to Jeanne and Marie Guérin - September 16, 1877

From Pauline to Jeanne and Marie Guérin‑ 16th September 1877

My dear little Cousins

I don’t want to let my Uncle leave without sending you a little hello in writing. I think of you often and I am delighted to go [1 v°] to Lisieux to see you for a very long time. Céline and Thérèse especially do not know how to express their joy..

I was very pleased to receive your two little letters. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to Marie seeing as she [2r°] ardently wished me to do so. I task you, dear little Jeanne, to give her a kiss from me so that she will no longer feel at all upset. Goodbye dear little cousins, I am sending you my best kisses with this letter.


(In the margin of 2 v°) It was Thérèse who wrote the words in this letter, I guided her hand to write

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