From Pauline Martin to Mme Guérin - September 10, 1877.

From Pauline Martin to Mrs. Guérin. 10th September 1877.

Dear Aunt,

We were very pleased to receive your letter and those of our little cousins. It is a consolation for us to think that in a few months we shall be with you.

I was touched by the sacrifices that Papa has made to carry out this plan. Of course, our good Father will be repaid with the affection and tender care with which we lovingly surround him in his old age. And God will undoubtedly atone for our powerlessness by showering him with blessings and giving him the happiness that he is sacrificing for us.

I see with pleasure that Jeanne and Marie are delighted about our arrival, tell them that we love them as we would two little sisters.

Our black dresses are made. Thérèse will have a crepe veil, the dressmaker thinks she is big enough to wear one. Yesterday, we went to pray at Mama’s tomb. I could not describe the pangs that came over me in the presence of this beloved tomb. Ah, without the hope of a better life, an eternal reunion, how difficult it would be to bravely bear the separations we have to face here on earth! This was the only walk we took yesterday, we now live like real hermits.

Dear Aunt, please ask my uncle on Papa’s behalf to come to Alençon on Monday 17th September (he would come on 16th). If he cannot, the meeting with the Board of Guardians will be postponed until next month because the justice of the peace will be away in the last week of September and Papa doesn’t liking dealing with his deputy.

Goodbye, dear Aunt, please accept, with my uncle, the sentiments of respect and the deepest affection from your grateful niece


P. S. Léonie is endeavouring to be very nice, nevertheless her sky is sometimes covered with dark clouds, and we must bear the resulting downpour. But with kindness and a bit of patience, I hope she will become a good little girl.


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