From Pauline to Mme Guérin - September 11-16, 1877.

From Pauline to Mrs. Guérin. 11th (or 16th) September 1877.

Alençon September 1877

Dear Aunt,

I was very pleased to receive your long letter, especially because it was for me and addressed to me. I am delighted about going to Lisieux. Following the description that my Uncle gave us, the house seems charming to me and also we will be able to see each other often, which is even better. I am [v°] sure that from the highest heaven Mama blesses this project and is joyful about it. Our good Mother is rejoicing with us for it is our happiness that she always sought here below and that she is undoubtedly asking of God for us.

Papa thinks it pointless for us to go to Lisieux to see the house, it’s true that we are relying on his taste which will certainly be the same as ours.

Goodbye dear Aunt, accept and pass on to my little cousins the most tender kiss that your little niece can give.



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