Services to the crib

Service 1
Your service to the Creche shall be to welcome the visitors that come to render homage to the divine Infant. So as not to stop the enthusiasm that animates them towards him, give them the warmest assistance possible. Your sisters are among those souls that search for Jesus; be, therefore, their guide nearby in carrying them to greater fervor through your charity filled with charms.
Service 2
Your service to the Creche will to be always joyous and smiling to amuse the little Jesus.
Service 3
Your service to the Creche will be to sing always, even if you are suffering; the little Jesus loves songs very much, and, when you are generous and faithful, the others will remember the songs of angels.
Service 4
Your service to the Creche will be to beg in order to feed the Holy Family. Their food is love; you will ask the Angels and Saints, those princes of Heaven, to fill your heart fully so that Jesus, Mary and Joseph will be able to be satiated.
Service 5
Your service to the Creche will be to do the household cleaning for the Holy family and to maintain the home in a perfect state. To carry this out, be very faithful to the charity and regularity that you will live out in a state of great purity and conscientiousness.
Service 6
Your service to the Creche will be to plug all the little cracks in the rocks through which cold will penetrate the Stable. You will achieve this if you are attentive in preventing to enter into your heart the smallest thoughts that might distress or distract and that would be capable of chilling your love.
Service 7
Your service for the Creche will be to make fire from the twigs of wood that you will find outside the Stable: that is to say, you will carefully collect all the opportunities to practice virtue to maintain it in your heart and thus always augment the fire of divine love.
Service 8
Your service to the Creche will be to listen to Mary speak; she will tell you ineffable things about Jesus and she will teach you to love Him as she loves Him.
Service 9
Your service to the Creche will be to care for the donkey of the Holy Family in order to lessen the work of Joseph. With this thought, embrace the humble tasks that you will confront during your life, and Jesus will be infinitely grateful that you have taken on some of the work on behalf of his adoptive Father.
Service 10
Your service to the Creche today will be to level the ground of the Stable so that May and Joseph will not tire when they walk; you will do this having an agreeable temper, despite the difficulties that you will overcome.
Service 11
Your service to the Creche will be to polish the rock face and to be always caring for your sisters and to always speak to them with perfect charity; you will avoid thus Mary and Joseph from scratching their fingers against the rough stone.
Service 12
Your service to the Creche will be to practice perfectly poverty so that you will become like the divine Infant; because loves aims to conform, and you would not be, if you were rich, worthy to be the spouse of a God reposing on straw.
Service 13
Your service will be to honor the divine simplicity of Jesus in working to simplify more and more your soul. A good method to reach this is to imitate the virtues of childhood exemplified by your Spouse’s example.
Service 14
Your service to the Creche will be to unite with Jesus to become with Him a victim of merciful Love.
Service 15
Your service to the Creche will be to console Jesus. For that purpose, stay always nearby and attempt to prevent his tears and present for him constantly the sweetest smile and lavish upon Him the sweetest words.
Service 16
Your service to the Creche will be to look out for the glances of the little Jesus, and for that to turn your eyes towards him and fixed upon his sweet Face.
Service 17
Your service to the Creche will be to adore, with a great spirit of faith doubled by an even greater love, the infinite and eternal God hidden under the veil of humanity and infancy.
Service 18
Shepherdess, leave your fold, do not become troubled like Martha over your preoccupations; henceforth, all your service near the divine Child is to love.
Service 19
Your service to the Creche will be to hold the lamp to show the features of the divine Child, when one approaches to contemplate Him. Have this lamp always lit by a vigilant charity towards your neighbor, whenever charity focuses light on the charms of Jesus, Love increases.
Service 20
Your service to the Creche will be to prepare a soft berth for the divine Child; it is through kindness that you will achieve this.
Service 21
Your service to the Creche will be to maintain always the fresh flowers near Jesus. Despite winter, you will discover if you are mindful in finding them. Yes, even if cold weather reigns in your soul, she can always produce flowers, very rare flowers, it is true, but more delicate ones, the snow-drop has a charm that will enchant the divine Child more than a big bouquet of roses in the summer season, that is to say a time of tender ardor.
Service 22
Your service to the Creche will be to serve as a toy for the little Jesus as a little rubber ball. When he throws you down towards the ground, instead of going sadly to a corner, you will rebound joyously into the air and He, so happy to see such a kind ball, will catch you in the air and hold you in His small hand.
Service 23
Your service to the Creche will be to mend the clothing of the Holy Virgin and praying a great deal for the conversion of heretics and all those who blaspheme against the Mother of Jesus.
Service 24
Your service to the Creche will be to do the shopping for the Holy Family. Do not worry, if charity and obedience make it necessary for you to stop the Prayer or the Divine Office to run to render service to
Jesus and Mary in the persons of your sisters; the time so employed, far from being lost for your interior life, will unite you more intimately with your divine Spouse.
Service 25
Your service to the Creche will be to stay without interruption like a little lamb near the divine Infant, beseechingly staying in His arms, and you being, like him, sweet and humble of heart.
Service 26
Your service to the Creche will be to rock tenderly the Crib of Jesus, singing to Him ceaselessly your profound love and your perfect abandon to his divine will, and to his smallest desires.
Service 27
Like a little white dove, you will stay near the Crib of Jesus, affording all your actions a great purity of intention and ardent love; thus, the divine Child, charmed by your sweet cooing, He will take very quickly your hand and press it tenderly upon His heart.

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