From Fr. Pichon to Marie Martin - October 12, 1886.

From Father Pichon to Marie. 12th October 1886.

+ Paris, 10 Rue de Florence

12th Oct. 86.

Oh, no, my Child! God doesn’t and will never want you to forget your father, and He wants your father to forget you even less. But he wants us, you and I, to become more and more devoted to sacrifice. Renew your promise to me that you will bless him for all things and love him in all things.

My Child, Jesus is never more generous than when He dares ask for a great deal, and ask without restraint. Jesus never gives us more evident marks of his affection than when he pushes his demands unto divine excess.

The cross has sealed, and will increasingly seal, the union of our souls. God is preparing to solder our two hearts together in the fire.

[1 v°] Can you guess what I have? Another very big sacrifice of Our Lord’s invention. The extreme fatigue that I’ve been suffering from since I disembarked has just degenerated into jaundice. No Mass today! Here I am cloistered away in my room for at least eight days. In 24 hours I’ve taken nothing but a bit of broth, it is taking me supreme effort to write to you.

Let us fall on our knees and together say our Fiat!

My Superior greatly sympathizes with your grief. He leads me to hope that later [2 r°] I will be able to visit you in the Carmel; he added: If Miss Martin wanted to delay her entry you could go and preach at it.

My good child, I think you will be of my opinion and won’t shrink before the bitter chalice. Write to me quickly and tell me that St. Teresa will snatch you from the world next Friday. If I’m in a condition to go up to the Holy Altar, my Mass will be for you.

My congratulations for your Léonie’s entry into the Poor Clares! My condolences to your excellent Father! I would have been [2 v°] so happy to assist this dear Abraham at the hour of his sacrifice.

My dearest child, the more Jesus tests us, the more I feel I belong to you and the more I feel you belong to me.

Writing this letter has exhausted me. Would you mind making my excuses to the Rev. Mother Prioress and your Sister?

From on the cross, I bless you more and better, I believe, than I’ve ever blessed you.


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