From Marie Guérin to her sister Jeanne - Summer 1878 or 1879 ?

From Marie Guérin to her Sister Jeanne. Summer of 1878 or 1879?

Dear Jeanne

(Jeanne was staying with her grandparents, the Fournets, in Saint Ouen).

Céline and Thérèse came to lunch with us; we dressed up. Thérèse was a flower seller Céline was a lady and I was a nanny. We played hide and seek. I caught them all out, I did.

I’m very cross about the bad weather everybody’s having. The silk worms are well, one of the youngest died this morning.

Now would grandma mind giving Jeanne a bit of lettuce for her silkworms.

Everybody says hello papa and mama me and Eugenie send our love.

Farewell dear little [v°] Jeanne, give a kiss to my grandma and grandpa and all the little cousins And also Joséphine and augustine.

your little sister who loves you

M. Guérin

Dear little Céline (Maudelonde, who was also in Saint-Ouen) please send me news of baby (a doll). Does he open his eyes more easily, it’s a bit annoying not seeing him but it’s Céline I miss the most.

Farewell, dear little Céline

M. Guérin

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