From Marie Guérin to Jeanne La Néele - January 16, 1893.

From Marie Guérin to Jeanne La Néele - January 16, 1893.

Lisieux 16th Jan. 93.

Dear little Jeanne,

It is now my turn to imitate Mrs. Enger’s handwriting. It is of great service to me for, at the moment, I’m suffering from such a terrible sore wrist that if my affection for you wasn’t of a centrifugal, or rather I am mistaken, centripetal force, I believe I would be forced to [1 v°] lay down my arms: pen-stand, inkwell, etc.. etc..

Then, to crown our happiness and blessings, our gourmet cook has just fallen in such a funny way that a sprain will perhaps be the result.

And how are you, my dear little Jeanne? Don’t you get frustrated sometimes? I would be most upset if you did, but events happen so quickly in such a strange way that anything can happen.

[2 r°] Now, my dear Credidi (Jeanne La Néele’s Latin nickname meaning “I trusted”), I have been asked to tell you that next Sunday is Fr. Delatroëtte’s silver anniversary as Parish Priest of the Parish of St. Jacques. Whatever you do, don’t attend the ceremony, the Mass will have music, procession, speech, etc.. and then the Church won’t be big enough to hold all the happy parishioners who have been doing nothing but whisper these past few days.

Léonie accepts your kind invitation [2 v°] with pleasure.

If only you had seen Aunt Clémence before my lamp and particularly my lampshade!!! I thought she was going to swoon! She assumed a suitable expression which, despite her silent exclamations, proved she found it abominable.

Before I leave you, Mama has asked me to tell you that she fears bad weather on Sunday. Do you understand? I myself don’t understand, but I’m passing on the message word for word.

Goodbye my dear little Jeanne, I send all my love to you and Francis. Whatever you do, don’t take any nonsense from the [2 v° tv] employees of the Western railway.

Your little sister


Everyone sends you their love. Mama is still much better.

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