From Marie Guérin to Mme Guérin - April 26, 1893.

From Marie Guérin to Mme Guérin - April 26, 1893.

Dear Mother

I don’t have much time to write to you, my days are very busy. At the moment I’m on my way back from the fair, where I made lots of purchases while finding a way not to spend too much money.

First I bought a little basket for going to the market, which is so delightful that I dance with joy before [1 v°] my little jewel of a basket. It is hamper-shaped, but Maria must know at once that she’s never to touch it, just the thought of this makes it seem tatty already.

I also bought some spiced buns for Jeanne, and then for papa I bought him some magnificent orchids amongst very natural grasses that will look splendid in the study. As for you, dear Mother, I have not yet made up my mind. However, I thought of Maria and I want to bring her back either a brooch or a purse to make her feel better. It was [2r°] poor Eugénie who was with us to make all these purchases, and as Céline had bought a tie for Désiré, I felt a bit sorry for her, because she is so devoted to Jeanne. We bought a ball for my uncle and the children who come to the house, and on that occasion she said to us: I would have liked to buy a ball for poor Paul (Paul Guesdon, protégé of the Guérins, who had entered the Minor seminary of Lisieux in October 1892). I didn’t say anything but I asked her what she would like from the fair, and at first she asked me for a brooch but afterwards I could tell that she really wanted the ball so I gave it to her instead of the brooch. Did I do the right thing? [2 v°] She seemed radiant; it’s for Paul to take to the seminary.

Dear Mother, I’ve noticed that I’ve talked about nothing but purchases. Before this trip to the fair we went to the Visitation to see the Mother Superior and Thérèse Pougheol who seems very cheerful, but we only stayed a short while because we needed to get back to give the carriage to Francis. The Mother Superior was very amiable and kind to us. But it is essential I find room to give you news of our health. We are all very well without the slightest trace of a migraine. My abscess burst this morning, releasing abundant pus which has brought me much relief. It was by using figs upon figs that I managed [1r°tv]to obtain this result. My dear father’s cure worked.

I hope, my dear Mother, that you are still in good health. Whatever you do, teach Marthe every day, she’s a very hygienic cure. Marguerite Tostain was not better this morning, she had been forced to take to her bed, and yesterday evening she went back to Bayeux. Farewell, my dear Mother, we all send you our love and despite the distractions of Caen we are thinking of you.

Your little daughter Marie.

[2 v° tv] Do give our love to Grandmama. Don’t forget Maria.

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