From Marie Guérin to J. La Néele - June 7, 1894.

From Marie Guérin to J. La Néele - June 7, 1894. 

Lisieux 7th June 94.

Dear little Jeanne

I have come to bring you news of our sick, and it is quite satisfactory. Uncle is having great difficulty recovering from his last attack. His breathing is very heavy at times like someone out of breath, then there are two minutes when he has no air to breath at all. He has been looking very exhausted and despondent since his last attack, so his condition is [lv°] still very precarious.

As for Grandmama, she is quite fragile today. Yesterday afternoon she had a few dizzy spells, but they haven’t returned.

And what is little Marthe up to?... Is she amusing you with her gentle babbling?... She must be very pleased to be able to travel by carriage; it’s what she enjoys best. However you won’t have taken many outings out if the sky in Caen is the same as in Lisieux. It has been raining all day every day since Tuesday. I hope you have better weather for the rest of the week. This horrid rain has also been a great nuisance to us, [2r°] not for outings but for Uncle’s new bedroom (converted bedroom at the Guérin house), which is completely ready but won’t dry out. However it is more or less certain that the move will take place tomorrow. We work on it every day and Paul, who has time off from school today, is in his element. He prances up and down the stairs, and runs around the garden balancing all sorts of parcels on his head. His teacher said to papa that he had been very pleased with him since his first Communion.

We have been invited to Aunt’s house on Sunday [2v°] and in the company of Fr. Domin. I don’t know whether there will be any other guests.

Poor little Céline (Maudelonde) is really having no luck for her wedding; she is having many problems due to people being ill. If Uncle isn’t better, Céline (Martin) certainly won’t go to the wedding. And then yesterday Aunt received a letter saying that Marguerite (Tostain, née Maudelonde) has fallen ill again. We must hope that all this will come to nothing.

Fortunately you have little Marthe to entertain you because I have talked about nothing but sick people. What can I say, we are surrounded with them, it’s not my fault. Here at home everyone is well.

I will leave you by sending you lots and lots and lots of love.

[2r°tv] Give our love to Francis and little Marthe.

Your little sister


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