From Marie Guérin to J. La Néele - June 28, 1894.

From Marie Guérin to J. La Néele - June 28, 1894. 

28th June 94.

Dear little Jeanne

I have so many messages and so much information to give you that I have half lost my mind before even having begun my letter.

First, little sister will begin by asking after the little lady’s health?... She hopes the news is good, and with that, she will begin with the news bulletin in order of business.

1stly For little Marie, we think the [lv°]arrangement is a very good one. Mama will be very pleased to have her at La Musse, only as we are unable to set the date for our departure before Sunday, we don’t know what to do about her train ticket since she must book it a week in advance.

If we leave next week, it won’t be before Wednesday or Thursday and even then we don’t know whether we will leave. Francis will decide that with Papa on Sunday. Now, if little Marie’s train ticket is valid for a fortnight, if she is free to leave any day she likes, oh, then she can [2r°] buy her ticket now. Otherwise, she can wait until after Sunday; we would leave without her and she would come and join us.

Do you understand?... I hope I’m not going to be too incomprehensible. Uncle has been in better health this week. For two days in particular he was quite well, today he is not quite so well. It is his throat which is paralysed, he even has trouble keeping eggnog down, he can only drink milk. I believe we will be forced to feed him on a diet of milk alone.

Did Francis think to write to St. Anthony of Padua about the trip to La Musse as he promised? [2v°] I trust my big brother’s prayers and promises completely, so despite all the contradictions I still hope we will go.

2nd message: Would you mind going to see Léonie before your journey on Sunday?... Céline wrote to her before receiving your letter because Léonie seemed sad in her last letter.

3rd message: You would do well to bring your blue silk dress for the Bidet dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Aubert will be there with an English lady and as you have just had it repaired it, it would be better if you wear it (the blue dress). The gentlemen are dispensed of wearing black suits.

4th message: at the Carmel, they are waiting for Francis to come on Sunday and visit Thérèse, who still has a sore throat, husky voice, and pains in her chest. They would have liked Francis to examine her but it is [lr°tv] a very delicate matter because of Dr. D. (Doctor de Cornière)...

5th message: Grandmama has had a good day; she has been experiencing palpitations these last few days. The rest of the family is well. Do you understand me, little Lady? I don’t really like writing such a lot of messages. Another time I will take a loose sheet of paper which I will pass through the household and everyone will be asked to write down their own messages. That way I will have some peace and be able to write interesting things to my little lady. The message family sends all their love to you and our big brother.

The last member of the message family


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