From Marie Guérin to Mme La Néele - June 30, 1893.

From Marie Guérin to Mme La Néele - June 30, 1893.

La Musse, 30th June 1893.

Dear little Jeanne

Here we are at last settled in at La Musse after a few tiring days. But this time nobody paid their share of aches and pains. No migraines!!!... It was wonderful. But, however, three little beasts came and delicately landed on my hand and poured in a certain little liqueur that has made [lv°] my hand and wrist swell up dreadfully. At the moment, my pretty little hands resemble Marcelline’s fat hands terribly.

Yesterday papa caught his first rabbit in five years, he had little huts made in which to hide and shake up the gentlemen rabbits a bit. There are some very small ones barely a few days old but these ones are respected. This year there are a lot of them.

We are going to go to Evreux to run various errands. For the next few days Fr. Garnier (Théodore Garnier (1850-1920), originally from Calvados, succeeded Léon Harmel in 1888 as ecclesiastical Visitor of the Society of Catholic Working Circles) will be there taking some conferences. We were intending to go there next Sunday to hear Mr. de Mun (we recall the social role held by Count Albert de Mun, who greatly inspired Mr. Guérin) who should have been taking one as well, but it appears that he [2r°] will not come, so we will either stay in La Musse or go for a walk in the surrounding area.

Uncle has been radiant since he has been here, he likes it here much better than in Lisieux, he says. Céline and I have him take walks in the woods, but what distracts him immensely is looking at the beautiful view (of the Iton valley, Evreux forest and over towards Conches). The other day he didn’t tire of looking at it and laughed all day long. Would you, my dear little Jeanne, go and see Léonie before you leave Caen and give us her news. At the same time as you, she will receive a letter from La Musse telling her that she is free to follow her vocation. Papa [2v°] is writing to her, and his letter is so admirable that Mama has copied it down in order to keep it.

The parish priest of St. Sébastien (Bernardin Chilard was Parish Priest of Saint-Sébastien-de-Morsent, the plateau upon which the La Musse manor house was built) told us this morning that Mgr. Ducellier (Archbishop of Besançon since 1887) was administered the last sacraments yesterday. It appears it is in the newspapers. We immediately thought of our dear Paul who will lose his great support if such an unfortunate event happens, but we hope there may be some exaggeration in the newspapers.

I will leave you now, my dear little Jeanne, by sending a big hug to you and Francis. The whole family does the same.

Your little sister,


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