From Marie Guérin to Mme La Néele - September 11, 1891.

From Marie Guérin to Mme La Néele - September 11, 1891.

Dear little Jeanne,

I’m only writing you a short note to tell you that we are expecting you tomorrow evening, 12th September 91, at any time, as early as possible, but better late than [1 v°] never! Céline and I are completely exhausted; from seven o’clock this morning to eleven o’clock we did nothing but run errands for Sunday’s celebration. We are doing the best we can so I think it will all be a success. The dinner in particular is giving us a lot of trouble. Imagine!... We are the ones making the orders, so Mama [2 r°]will come to the dinner without knowing what she is eating. For the night celebration I have 48 Chinese lanterns to put in the little wood. You mentioned a firework display in your letter; remember Aunt Clémence’s ears and the wisdom of Grandmama, who doesn’t like noisy celebrations, and my Aunt Joséphine’s head. People will prefer anything without noise, I will leave you with that, now do what [2 v°] you like. Don’t forget the basket of flowers; going all the way to Lelandais’ perhaps bothered Francis. Once again, don’t forget anything, except, oh, all your old aches and pains!... Leave them at Lelandais’ or on any other country walk… Farewell my dear little Jeanne, I send lots of kisses to you and all the family. Give Francis my kisses too. Everyone is happy knowing you are in better health, my poor [1 r° tv] little one, you would have upset our celebration… but anyway it would be better to miss your little sisters’ celebration than fall ill again… so we are prepared for disappointment, however hope burns even stronger in the face of this nasty wind.

Your little sister Marie -

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