From Marie Guérin to Léonie - November 11, 1890.

From Marie Guérin to Léonie - November 11, 1890.

Dear little Léonie (Marie Guérin was in Caen, with Céline, at Mrs. La Néele’s house), I’m using Mama’s feast day as a pretext to write to you in person, which will allow me to give you the little note from my heart that you asked of me. Without this opportunity, it would have been impossible for me [1 v°] to do so. If Mama asks you what I’m saying to you let her believe that it is secrets for her feast day. I’m therefore letting you manage Sunday’s celebration. The ceremony will take place after High Mass.

Maria has to make a dessert and buy a bouquet. Watch over her carefully to make sure she carries out all my orders. I believe [2 r°] there are no flowers available in the garden, that is why I’ve had Maria buy a bouquet. Would you put it in little bouquets so that we each have one, we need 7 of them. If there are enough roses in the garden, leave the bouquet whole. Darling little sister, I wanted to speak seriously with you and I’ve noticed that [2 v°] I’m filling up my piece of paper not with trivial things but with useful things. I’m thinking of you, my dear little Léonie, and I can see every day you are amassing big treasures for heaven. The exile you are bearing at the moment is most worthwhile. Suffering is sometimes very difficult when we are separated from those we love. I don’t know whether you are like me, but I find in this exile of the heart a source of happiness and joy. I pray hard for God to give you this joy that is a source of peace and true happiness.  

[1 r°] At least we can see and feel that only God can fill the emptiness that’s inside our souls. Creatures only appear as obstacles preventing us from uniting ourselves to our souls’ Beloved. The end of my letter is going to be very brief; I prefer saying fewer farewells to my little Léonie and speaking more to her heart. As long as I tell her I love her, that is enough.

Little sister Marie

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