From Marie Guérin to Céline – October 21, 1894 bis

From Marie Guérin to Céline – October 21, 1894 bis

21st October 1894 bis

Happy feast day again my pretty little white wolf.

This morning as a bouquet I gave you my Communion, that is to say my good Jesus, and I prayed to him a lot for you.

Jeanne has been to see Léonie, she has improved these last three days, the Novice Mistress is beginning to lose heart a little and if this improvement doesn’t hold I don’t know what will happen. Poor Léonie also has temptations against the Eucharist, she doubts the real presence; I prayed hard for her for I feel very sorry for her. The moment the Novice Mistress leaves her during the office it appears she follows it as badly as she can… But let’s hope that the improvement continues, it’s since Bl. Margaret Marie’s feast day that she has made progress.

Yesterday evening on coming back from seeing you, I found Mr. Férouelle (Louis-Marie-Gustave Férouelle) at home. He hasn’t lost his habit of taking deep bows down to the ground, Papa sent him with Francis to Mass at St. Désir this morning, which means I’m alone. When he learnt you had entered the Carmel, he said that so long as you heard the good Lord’s call, you did well to answer it.

I hope my little Thérèse is looking after herself, yesterday I found her voice had changed a lot, I discussed it with Francis, it is absolutely necessary that she look after herself ACTIVELY. It’s not serious for the time being but it may become so any day and then there’ll be no cure. She is perfectly able to overcome it in a short while but she must look after herself relentlessly. She must above all take lots of gillettes (I don’t know how to spell this word, it’s not in the dictionary) (Vaporizations) Little Thérèse must be very obedient to the doctor. Francis is a specialist in these kinds of illnesses, and I also believe and have great trust in him, he cured Mr. Férouelle of a very serious illness, he will also cure my little Thérèse. I am going to promise a very large sum out of my little purse to St. Anthony so that in six months my little Sister will be completely cured and in good health. It will be in her interest because St. Anthony’s money will be for her.

Have you thought about the novena I asked you all for yesterday?

Big kisses to all of you.

Your little darling


Papa strongly advises Thérèse to look after herself; when I talk to him about her, he seems concerned.

How is my darling mother? (Marie de Gonzague)... I have my little porter (Thérèse) ask for her news. Give her a big kiss from me and tell her I love her very much. I’m sending her a lovely broth: if I were able to give it a special healing virtue, I would have done so, but faced with my helplessness, I pray to the good Lord with all my strength for Him to cure my darling Mother very quickly.

I will go and see you Wednesday or Tuesday.

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