From Marie Guérin to Mme La Néele - December 13, 1893.


From Marie Guérin to Mme La Néele - December 13, 1893.

Lisieux 13th December 93.

Dear little Jeanne,

I see from your letter that you don’t yet know what belongs to you. The book of St. Paula, which you now possess, is one which I gave back to you on my last trip. You needn’t worry… the seventh commandment: “you shall neither take nor keep the possessions of others” is far from being directed at you.

If I’m writing to you, it’s only to [lv°] reassure you on the subject and also tell you that I continue to love you more and more.

The editor of the books by Fr. Faber is “Bray and Retaux”…

We are all very glad to see that your Eugène is gone and without a hitch. Now all you have to do is find another one, not another Eugène, but a good servant. You should pray to St. Zita… (but I don’t know whether she deals with boys) you can always try.

Forgive me for my ever so bad handwriting, but it’s the fault of father’s pens. As they are very obedient to their master, they get into the habit of making whoever [2r°] is writing turn the pen to one side. They have grown used to it, and you can’t stop them.

Grandmama is still feeling better, yesterday she appeared truly recovered. I haven’t been to see her for a few days now. Yesterday, as you know, it was our Tuesday meeting; we made 2 dresses during the afternoon. We are having Marthe all this week because she is making a little sky blue crocheted skirt for Marguerite. It is for her mama’s New Year’s gift, and then she’s also learning a love song called “Fidèle” (“Faithful”) for New Year’s day… she might also learn the little cat, which I sang [2v°] when I was small. But what is most amusing is hearing her say the words of Fidèle; the tone of voice and gestures she assumes for the love song are wholly appropriate. Today she sang it to Aunt Clémence who was delighted. I will leave you now, my dear little Jeanne, by asking you to forgive me for my scribble, but as I explained it is not my fault. Today I find my handwriting resembles that of Francis terribly, the only difference is that instead of the letters of each word taking up five centimetres, mine only take up a half. I send all my love to you and Francis.

Your little sister Marie

[2v°tv] Everyone smothers you with kisses. We have remembered the novena. Mama is so-so, today she has walked around the house quite a bit.

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