From Sister Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore d Mme Guérin - November 24-25 (?), 1896.

From Sister Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore d Mme Guérin - November 24-25 (?), 1896.

+ Jesus J. M. J. T.

Dear Father

And dear Mother,

I can see you from here smiling prettily at the sight of a letter from your little Carmelite… The postman has been favourable to you this morning, hasn’t he?...

I’m writing to you for a reason, which is that I’d like you not to come back from Caen expressly to see me before Advent (in 1896, Advent began on Sunday 29th)… Going one more week without seeing you is a lot, but it’s nothing when I can make a little sacrifice for the One who will soon become my Spouse… Besides, is it a sacrifice when one knows one’s parents are [lv°] happy, surrounded by their children.

No, no, don’t come back for me on Friday (27th, hence this letter couldn’t have been written later than 25th). My only and unique pleasure is seeing you cheerful, healthy and happy. Consequently, I will feel no sadness and will be even happier to see you after the lovely feast of Christmas. You will be pleasing all your children by staying in Caen. You wouldn’t believe how much I’m enjoying your happiness in my little cell. Yesterday I was with you in Caen, I said to myself; at such and such a time they will be doing such and such a thing. I could see you all together in the little living-room and your charming little hostess cheering you with her silvery [2r°] laugh. I clapped my hands and rejoiced with happiness. But I found my heart was seeking satisfaction there: it is very sweet to think of those we love, and God doesn’t forbid it but he sometimes asks us to sacrifice it, and I therefore did so for Jesus.

Our Mother would like you to come and see me during Advent instead of this week. She is still being so good and kind to me, but listen to you little Carmelite. Preparing for Profession is a very serious thing and this would be making an exception to the rule. So why?... I can see you from here thinking as I do: duty comes before everything, [2v°] you say, and so let’s go on ahead, let’s begin Advent earlier than everyone else; we’ll reach the manger first…

And of course, Jeanne will be very pleased to keep you for a few more days, and I shall be even happier than her.

I haven’t the joy of being able to host you at my home, because on earth I don’t have a “home” but when I’m in my Divine Spouse’s kingdom I shall be in my home and you shall be magnificently hosted.

The other day in the refectory the list of alms was read out, as is done on feast days (the feast day to which she was referring could have been that of 21st November, the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary). When they reached Mr. and Mrs. Guérin, there was such a long list of vegetables, cakes, etc., that in the middle of the nomenclature there was a great burst of laughter, everyone was laughing. Well, the list was closed by saying: in short they gave us all sorts of treats.

The stuffed pears were eaten happily, they were very, very appreciated. We celebrated St. John of the Cross (24th November) with the scoters and wine and pears.

I will leave you my beloved [lr°tv] Parents by sending you both lots and lots of love. I was thinking the other day that earthly fiancés often give their fiancées beautiful bouquets and they are always joyfully received. My Divine Fiancé often brings me bouquets too; very often actually. The flowers it contains are not pleasing to the eye, but in heaven they will be very beautiful and will have such a delectable perfume. Pray hard to God that his little Fiancée receives his bouquets with an ever joyful and amiable face. Because the crosses and little troubles of religious life are the Divine Fiancé’s bouquets and they are not always to the little Fiancée’s taste. So pray hard for her, so that she might become a great saint.

Your little daughter who loves you unto folly

Marie of the Eucharist

u. c. n.

I send big kisses to Jeanne, Francis, and Léonie. Sr. Geneviève would like some magnesia carbonate, I think, for her purgatives (Sister Geneviève was assistant at the infirmary). It would be very helpful not to forget that.

[2v°tv] Our Mother sends you her affectionate regards. All your little daughters eat up with kisses their uncle, aunt, cousins and sisters. Mother Agnès of Jesus begs Léonie to kindly make the little sacrifice of her visit this week, for her Uncle and Aunt’s sake. Besides, she is enjoying being in Caen (due to the proximity of the Visitation convent). Stay in Caen as long as you can, until Christmas if you like. Enjoy yourselves…

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