From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - November 14, 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - November 14, 1896.

+Jesus J. M. J. T. 14th Nov. 96

Dear Mother,

It’s the little Benjamin’s turn to come and wish his darling Mother a happy feast day and how will he go about conveying his heart and love… Oh! Even the most beautiful sentences wouldn’t be capable of expressing all the affection that’s in a child’s heart, and especially the heart of a little Carmelite who may have appeared to have left that which she holds dearest in the world, but on the contrary [lv°] has only drawn closer to it in her heart… Oh! How I love you, dear Mother!!... One has to come to the Carmel to know what love really means. Giving oneself to Jesus, loving Jesus all alone, is, according to the world, abandoning one’s parents, and no longer loving them… Let all those who say this come and find me and I’ll make them see how much tenderness and deep affection there is in my heart; I’ll show them that I, a poor little Carmelite, haven’t shared my love with creatures, but have given it to Jesus alone, and Jesus [2r°] gives it back to me a hundred-fold so I can love those who are dearest to me in the world.

Dear Mother, yes I love you and this word alone is my feast day bouquet for you… What wishes does a loving heart have?... Oh! It has very big ones; unrealizable ones… but when one’s Fiancé is Jesus the King of Heaven and Earth, an Infinite God, one can have wishes that are great, immense and unrealizable, because God’s All-Powerfulness becomes one’s own.

The great day is drawing near (that of her Profession), darling Mother!... It is the great day when [2v°] you will irrevocably immolate your little daughter, when you will unite her to her Celestial Spouse forever. What a wonderful day it shall be for us all. Jesus will look down on you both with love and kindness You will have consecrated a little Host to Him and its faithfulness I hope will delight him. Oh! Don’t abandon your little daughter, accompany her with your prayers, she is in great need of them to respond to her Celestial Spouse’s favours. Jesus and his little Spouse will be your crown for all eternity…

Our Mother sends you her most affection wishes and kisses, dear Mother. Once you have unsealed her little feast day gift, you will find two little scapulars. The bigger one shall be your feast day gift to my dear Father. They were made by your little Carmelite with the fabric from her robe… All three of us will be dressed in the same habit. There are also two photographs showing your five little daughters in their roles of bakers and sacristans (photos n° 39 and 40. We know that enclosed with the photos was Thérèse’s poem “The Sacristans of Carmel” PN-40)... On another, your little daughter is reciting her Office.

I send my biggest feast day kisses to you and to my dear Father because I love you both with the same love…

Your little daughter

Marie of the Eucharist

u. c. n.

Big kisses to Jeanne, Francis, and Léonie.

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