From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore and Mme Guérin - October (?) 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore and Mme Guérin - October (?) 1896.

+Jesus J.M.J.T.

Dear Father and dear Mother,

If I had to say as many thank yous as there are preserves, figs, dried pears, bourdins (kind of apple tart) and other things, I think my day would be spent and that this little piece of paper would lack length and breadth. So a big “THANK YOU” from the depths of all the Carmelites’ hearts will resound in the ears of our benefactors. Jesus will see to thanking them for us!... Is that all that need be done, then: utter a desire for it to be immediately fulfilled?... [lv°] This is the case for the figs and other candied fruit. Oh! You couldn’t have touched us more. Your little daughters are very touched by your kindness. I now understand Sr. Marie of the S. H.’s famous note that made us laugh so much: “All your kindnesses,” she said, “make me weep.” Oh! How true that is and this morning, as I remembered my dear parents and their kindness for us, I began to weep and can’t help doing so as I write this little note, so touched is my heart. Only in Heaven shall you know the extent of my affection for you.

Oh! In Heaven, what a lot of things will be revealed. It is there, and only there, that we will be able to thank and love to our hearts’ content…. Yesterday evening and this morning [2r°] the crates filled the refectory and, as far as possible, all the things that these fine crates contained were enumerated (it was customary for the Turn Sister (or Sister in charge of the pantry) to enumerate the gifts they had received from benefactors at the end of the evening collation. The Prioress would then ask the Community to recite a Pater and an Ave for the donators, which was done immediately in silence). Yesterday evening as I ate, I stole little glances towards the crates that had been sent by my papa and mama, and the large handwriting read: “Preserves”. Preserves, I said to myself. Oh, what an appropriate name! Yes they are indeed preserves. They can be preserved until we’re in heaven to be presented by the Angels to those whom I hold dearest in the whole world and it will only be then that they will receive the Thank You and rejoice in the glory and joy that such gifts can bring. And I could see the Angels take the flowers and eternal fruits that the crates contained and take [2v°] them to their beautiful Heaven to delight the eyes of Jesus and his Immaculate Mother. I have some good news for you; I am perfectly well. The fast isn’t tiring in the slightest. It’s strange seeing me swallow my big piece of bread in the evening (the monastic fast had been resumed on 14th September. The 6pm collation consisted of about 215 grams of bread, butter or cheese, fruit, and sometimes jam. There was no broth or soup, or anything hot. It was not permitted to leave any bread). My neighbours find I’m a pleasure to watch. You’d really think I’m fattening up a duck, for my head and whole body echoes the moment of my chewing in quite an incredible way. It takes a strong stomach to swallow it all. I don’t lack appetite, on the contrary, but growing fatter is no small task… So the figs and pears took my fancy; they will help me chew my bread.  

I will leave you both by sending you a kiss and a very affectionate glance. Our Mother and all your little daughters thank you very deeply.

Your little daughter who loves you

Marie of the Eucharist


Everyone sends big kisses to Léonie.