From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore and Mme Guérin - August 24-27, 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore and Mme Guérin - August 24-27, 1896.

+ Jesus


Dear Father and dear Mother,

I’m writing to both of you because you have agreed between yourselves to both be sick. God doesn’t want anyone to be jealous, and I want what He wants, so I’m writing to both of my dear pateints.

How good God is!... because if he had sent you this trial a year ago, it would have seemed much harder for both you and I. Going several weeks without seeing each other!... That would have been a very great sacrifice for our hearts [lv°] at the difficult time of the separation. God knew this: “He tempers the wind to the shorn lamb” and He didn’t want to test you beyond your strength; He allowed you to come here as many times as you wanted. Now He is beginning to burden you with his Cross again, there is nothing more precious He can give, it’s the greatest proof of his love and very often we are tempted to refuse it. When I do my Way of the Cross, and come to the station where Jesus meets Simon the Cyrenian, I always think: Oh! If I had met God in that state, would I not have been [2r°] happy to be able to help him carry his Cross, would I not have ran to take his Cross in his place? And God makes me feel that I often meet him like this, he casts me a loving gaze and asks me to help him carry his Cross and I am wicked enough to refuse. Because each time he gives us a cross or trial, is it not a piece of his own? He really wants to need us to save sinners, He wants us to comfort him, and we would very much like to do so, but not through suffering, and yet that is the only way.

The little bird from Caen (Jeanne La Néele. In her letter to Thérèse dated 22nd August, she announced she was leaving for Caen on Monday 24th and returning to Lisieux on Thursday 27th. Hence the date suggested for this letter) must have flown back to her country again, that is why the one in the Carmel has come to sing his little song after his little brother; he wants to try and replace him, but I don’t think he will do it very well. His life is still going by peacefully and gently, without comical incidents, or if there are any, they are only comical for the Carmelites who laugh at anything and everything.

Our Mother is a little better, but can’t eat anything yet. She has tried to eat a bit of chicken today; I don’t know whether it will stay down. So don’t send anything until we ask you to, I will let you know when she can eat. As for your little Benjamin, he can’t really be any better than he was earlier, he sends you all his kisses, kiss each other for me as hard as you can.

The parish priest of Navarre still hasn’t replied to me, it has been a month, I do believe that my letter (dated about 17th July) was lost or that he is sick.

Your little daughter Marie of the Eucharist

[lr°tv] Our Mother sends you her affectionate regards. We are praying a great deal for you.

Would you mind sending me the photographic printing frame so I can print them on paper in the light. One of them stayed at home.

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