From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - August 15, 1896.

From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - August 15, 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T.

Dear Mother,

I was so touched by your little gift!... Nothing could have brought me greater pleasure… Mothers’ hearts know the secret when it comes to giving little kindnesses to their children, and always manage to guess what might make them happy. I can’t describe how touched I was. As you wished, I offered my little gift to our Mother in your name (Mother Marie de Gonzague was celebrated twice: a big celebration on 21st June (St. Aloysius Gonzaga), and a small one on 15th August. In the same way, Mother Agnès was celebrated on 21st January (Saint Agnes) and on 29th June (Sts. Peter and Paul). 15th August was also Marie of the Eucharist’s feast day and the first anniversary of her entry into the Carmel)… I was so happy to give it to her, I knew [lv°] she would be pleased with it and I wasn’t mistaken in my belief. Our Mother seemed very pleased and very touched by my dear Parents’ kind thought. If only you knew how good she is!!... Can you believe that she celebrated me. – Our Mother came into our cell this morning with a little rose bud for me as a symbol of my soul, which is still only a little bud, but which later, through the ardour of my Jesus’ love, will open and become a beautiful rose. She also gave me a picture, the like of which I’ve never seen before. It’s of Our Lady [2r°] of Mount Carmel, and her beauty and that of the little Jesus exceeds what we might imagine as most ideal. Our Mother sacrificed this for her Benjamin with a happiness that was wholly maternal.

I would never have believed I would be celebrated at the Carmel. Sr. Thérèse painted me a picture with some verses on it corresponding to my innermost feelings (PN 36 “Jesus alone”). I’m sending it to you because I know you will like it, it is to be sung to the tune: “Comme un pêcheur quand l'aube (“Like a fisherman when dawn” – actual title: “Près d'un berceau” (“Near a cradle”) or “le Rêve d'une mère” (“A Mother’s Dream”)), etc. I want you to take good care of it because I am as fond of it as I am of my two eyes. It’s precious to me and I would be very upset if it got damaged, but I know how much care you will [2v°] take of it and I’m not afraid to send it to you. Take particular care with it if it is passed from hand to hand. The blue ink runs very easily especially if people’s hands are a bit sweaty. I’m giving a lot of instructions… I am depriving myself of it for you, dear Mother, and you know that when we deprive ourselves for those we love it’s no longer called deprivation. You could copy it down if you wanted. If I need it, I will ask you to return it to me…

Sr. Geneviève made me a little basket for my Bl. Virgin (statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the cloister) with irises that Jeanne had given me. It is sublimely beautiful. Aunt and the Miss Pigeons sent me flowers. I wrote to Aunt, asking her to thank the Miss Pigeons on my behalf. I can excuse myself of writing to them because at the Carmel we can’t write to everyone all the time, my family is too big and there would be no end to it.

I’m sending you the little comic play we performed for our Mother’s feast day, you will find it amusing (play written by the novices no doubt; the text was not kept – performed on 20th June). I played the simpleton Baptiste, Sr. Geneviève played old Mr. Jérôme, and Sr. Marie of the Trinity the pedant. We were all very good in our roles, it was really comical.

For my feast day I’m sending you the pictures from my taking of the habit (on 17th March), don’t give Jeanne hers until her feast day, it will be my [lr°tv] little gift. – A year ago, dear Mother, we were suffering from the blow of the trial and parting. How glad we are that it’s over… Are you not happy to have betrothed your little daughter to Jesus. – How handsomely he rewards the sacrifices we make for Him by imparting peace and happiness in our souls even in this world. – I’m also sending you the poem “Living on Love” written by Sr. Th.. A year ago when I entered our cell, I found it on my bed, surrounded with flowers. Keep it as long as you like (Copy of PN 17, in Thérèse’s handwriting). – I’m sending the book of Love Songs back to Jeanne, and I’m putting all the pictures inside. Do thank her for the delicious cakes she sent us. Thank you, thank you to everyone for the cantaloupes and the candles which brought me great pleasure… Thank you to little Léonie for all her gifts. I am very touched by everyone’s kindness.

Marie of the Eucharist


Our Mother has asked me to pass on all her affectionate Thank yous to my dear Parents.


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