From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore and Mme Guérin - July 29, 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore and Mme Guérin - July 29, 1896.

29th July 96

Dear Father and dear Mother (the Guérins had returned from La Musse on 26th July),

Our Mother is sending you a tart that is a recipe of mine and Sr. Geneviève’s. Let me know if it’s good…

We have made 30 of these, which was no small task…

Today is a feast day (Saint Martha, feast of Lay Sisters; for the same day, Thérèse had written a few humoristic verses PS- 5) and I haven’t the time to say much, only that I love you very much. Father should above all be cheerful, his little daughter has never known such joy, and he must be like her…

I thank you so much for everything you sent us, you are depriving yourselves of eating melons from La [v°] Musse for your Carmelites… If only you could enjoy their happiness. It’s such a treat!!... The little parcel of chocolate yesterday evening brought me great pleasure, I was very touched by this little surprise. I could have wept… You are too kind and tears often fall from my eyes.

All the white veiled Sisters wish to thank Papa and Mama themselves (this is what you are called at the Carmel) so they will all sign my letter.

Your little Marie of the Eucharist

Sister Marie the Incarnation all her love and… (illegible “gratitude”)…

A thousand times thank you to the kind providers of the little white birds in the Carmel. May God shower them with all his gifts and most precious graces.

Sister St. Vincent de Paul of the Immaculate Conception.

Sr. Marthe of Jesus sends her Papa and Mama lots of love and promises not to forget them in her prayers to Jesus. Marie-Madelène sends lots of love to her godfather and her mama. (Marie-Madelène: it is clear that Marie of the Eucharist guided the hand of her illiterate companion). And to finish, Sr. Marie de Gonzague with all her gratitude. [v°] As for me, I am pale with sadness seeing my dear parents go without melon for us!

M. of the S. Heart (after the Prioress, Marie of the S. Heart sends her thanks in the capacity of Sister in charge of the pantry).

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