From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - June 29, 1896.

From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - June 29, 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T. 29th June 96

Dear Mother,

I have at last opened the mysterious box!... What a lovely and thoughtful surprise! It brought great pleasure. You are right to ask for the empty boxes back and you can be sure that I won’t fail to send them so when the opportunity presents itself. – If I could even invent some, I would. The lovely Mrs. Paschale would surely have the Carmel’s custom if she was in Lisieux, but the [lv°] Carmelites would need permission to have such a provider as a pastry chef… The cherries were no less delicious than the cakes. If I say La Musse is a Land of Plenty; that says everything. The Carmel is also a Land of Plenty, but in a more serious sense. Treasures are to be found there already, but it is in heaven that we will all be able to contemplate them and enjoy them at leisure. God has angels on earth, too, and they are his distributors of temporal favours to his chosen spouses, and you shall be crowned as [2r°] such, dear parents, for having amply carried out his orders, the smallest of little cakes will be handsomely rewarded.

We didn’t receive the parcel until today Monday because parcels are not brought to the Carmel on Sundays (there was a Sunday postal service at the time). You know that there is a special God for Carmelites, so not one cherry was damaged, everything is in perfect condition. As for the fine herbs, we’ll have as many as you can gather, they are always appreciated, only we ask that the stem be as long as possible. What I would really like is some oats, do you remember [2v°] the trouble you had finding some for my little nativity crib, and we will need as many as possible again this year.

I am very, very well. The rabbit was greatly appreciated and if Mr. Francis would like to kill two similar ones we would accept them with open arms. He must hurry if he wants his little sister to eat some, because from the eleventh of July onwards she will resume the Carmelite diet. No more meat!... Deo gratias!...

I’m sending you the little song composed by Sr. Thérèse of the Child Jesus based on our idea to scatter flowers at the foot of the Calvary every evening (PN 34 given to Mother Agnès of Jesus on 28th June)…

I, too, am composing very mystical songs, I will give you a sample. If I have time, I will send it with this letter.

Mother Agnès of Jesus wrote before we had the famous mysterious box. She has asked me to say a big Thank you. I am very glad that Father is better, I send him lots of love, I hope he is being kept entertained with his little goddaughter (Marie Lahaye, born on 1st June 1895. Guiguite, mentioned further on, is one of her elder sisters) and the other babies. And if I have one piece of advice to give you it is to keep Guiguite with you while you are staying at La Musse, it will do you all good.

I distribute kisses to all the fortunate inhabitants of La Musse, Aunt José, Mrs. Lahaye, the babies, and the little brother and [lr°tv] little sisters.

I love you and send you lots of kisses

Your little daughter

Marie of the Eucharist

We really enjoy recounting stories about Guiguitte at recreation. We will eat some little Supremes again on 2nd July, we have kept some. They are supremely good, the best in fact.

As for the vegetables, if you want to give us some this week we would like that, and little beans on Saturday, because Aimée gave us all we needed on our Mother’s feast day.