From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - June 28, 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - June 28, 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T.

28th June 96

Dear little Céline,

A fortnight has gone by without me replying to your letter! What will you think of your poor little Marie of the Eucharist?... You will no doubt think that since she flew off to the Carmel, she has forgotten her relatives, friends, etc., and seeks only one thing, which is to cut herself off from them completely…Oh! how wrong you would be if this thought even once crossed your mind… For I love you so much [lv°] and think of you so often, and pray for you and your family so hard, but you see, last week it was our Mother’s feast day, and beforehand we were encumbered with all kinds of preparations, and the days went by without me being able to reply to your letter.

Mama told me that you made a trip to Trouville on account of your husband’s health. We must hope that it did him good and that he will continue to improve. Apparently your little daughter’s good behaviour and character delighted all the inhabitants of Trouville. That doesn’t surprise me [2r°] at all, the image of her pretty little face is engraved in my memory and I hope it won’t be years before I see my dear little niece again.

But by the way, what about “you”, the deep down “you”, and your good dispositions? You don’t mention them in your last letter. I miss it a lot. I would like to know how your spiritual self is. No news is good news they say, I’m relying on the truth of this saying… But my aunt took it upon herself to keep me informed on this subject, and said that despite all the [2v°] trials of your husband’s illness, you were very cheerful, and continuously so, despite the little problems.

Oh, believe me! Practice virtue generously; that is the way to be happy. Since I’ve been at the Carmel I’ve been learning about real life, about the seriousness of life; the life of renouncement that seems very hard for one’s poor nature, and I can assure you that God floods with graces those souls who sacrifice themselves generously. Continue praying hard for me, so that I may be faithful to the graces of my vocation and thank God for the graces he gives me. They are often crucifying graces it’s true, but those ones are the best. Ask God to make me strong and healthy, so that I can fulfill all my duties as a Carmelite. I am well, I couldn’t hope for better, but I desire even more, I want to be a robust little novice. Let this remain between us, don’t mention it to anybody… you are my little confidante. God surely gave me this vocation, He will [lr°tv] give me the health necessary to follow it but He may also sometimes let me experience little trials in this respect and they seem very hard.

I will leave you, my darling, by sending you a big kiss. I thought of you on 8th and 19th June (19th June, Céline Pottier-Maudelonde’s second wedding anniversary)….

Your little sister

Marie of the Eucharist


Remember me to your husband. Give a big kiss to Baby…