From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore Guérin - June 24, 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore Guérin - June 24, 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T. 24th June 96

Dear Father,

I am writing to you again, Mama won’t be jealous, she knows patients must be spoiled, especially patients who are on the road to recovery. It is so pleasing when sick loved-ones feel better… I was very pleased to receive Mama’s letter (letter not kept) and the good news it contained.

Mother Agnès of Jesus has asked me to tell you that she will write to you in the coming [lv°] days, but that today she can’t to her great regret, she is still absorbed in her painting. She has many urgent commissions, and she’s working today even though it’s a non-working day for us (in honour of Saint John the Baptist. On non-working days, the Sisters only performed the minimum duties and could use the time that was normally reserved for working for themselves). We often have non-working feast days, it doesn’t do us any harm because we’re always working without a moment’s respite. There is another feast day for St. Peter on Monday.

I prayed hard for you and all my family before the Bl. Sacrament during my hour of adoration. [2r°] I haven’t forgotten you, don’t worry, I love you all more than ever and as I do my little chores I sometimes make quick little trips to La Musse. Just today I saw the most curious of processions: Francis riding young Bichette, Father on Phare, Jeanne and Léonie on old Bichette, and Mama and Aunt José on Martin (the donkey at La Musse was on two photos of the “Eccentric journey to the Andes Cordillera”, in which Céline and Marie had participated in July 1894). It was during the silence that I saw this sight and as I was thinking about it I gently fell asleep (the “silence” between midday and 1 o’clock in summer was free time, and the Sisters could take a nap. They barely slept for 6 hours at night from Easter to 14th September). I hope you won’t fear [2v°] using the poor horses this year. Do you have enough of them?... Francis will be able to make his trips.  

Every evening the little novices gather at the foot of the big granite Cross in the middle of the inner courtyard and which you know well. (I was photographed there by myself as a postulant). There we collect all the wilted roses and when we have a good stock of them, we scatter our flowers to God, throwing them as high as we can and letting them fall on our dear Jesus’ Face. The great consolation lies there. One might think that the number of wilted roses is growing for us… About twenty rosebushes provide us with a beautiful carpet of rose petals every evening. During the great silence at eight o’clock we scatter our flowers. I throw a handful for Papa, another for Mama, etc. and God is pleased.

I send a big kiss from the bottom of my heart to dear Father, and a similar one to dear Mother.

Give big kisses to Francis, Jeanne, Léonie, Aunt José, Mrs. Lahaye and the babies.

Your little daughter who cherishes you

Marie of the Eucharist

[lr°tv] For Mother Agnès of Jesus’ feast day on Monday (Feasts of Saints Peter and Paul, without omitting the celebration of “Pauline”), could you give us some nice sweet red cherries. Thank you.

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