From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - June 17, 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - June 17, 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T.

Dear Mother,

I received your letter this morning, I am still very happy when I hear from you, and the news you have given me of Father particularly pleased me, but whatever you do, you must tell me the truth on this matter.

I am very glad you didn’t think my idea of trout overly outlandish and I thank you all for putting all your effort into finding us a fine catch. Even if you only have of them ten or so, send us them [lv°] all the same, they will still be appreciated. At the same time, Papa could write to our Mother for her feast day, saying something nice about the trout fishing, that you prayed to St. Anthony, etc., etc. Our Mother would find that touching and amusing. Papa is not at a loss to think up stories or spin a nice, friendly phrase for our Mother. I think the little letter would make a nice touch.

Now, dear Mother, I’m going to ask you for many things, you told me to have no fear and I thank you for this, [2r°] because for this feast we must really shake things up. You understand, don’t you? We would rather have less on other feast days and more on this one.

We would very much like some little green beans; they will replace the soft-boiled eggs that appear every day in the refectory. I’m asking for this in addition to the trout. There is to be no fish of any kind, even if there aren’t any trouts. We’re counting on you giving us strawberries and cakes. We would like the cakes to be sponges. Could they possibly have “21st June 1896” written on them? Mrs. Ménard could do that for us, [2v°] I think. As for the wine sauce, we can make that. It would be even better if Aimée (Aimée Roger, former servant of the Guérins, passed into Mrs. Maudelonde’s service in 1886) gave us the wine and sugar; we will certainly use them for the sauce. Would Papa mind taking 2 bottles of white wine out of his cellar for us… we must make this a massive celebration.

Mother Agnès of Jesus asks Léonie whether she would like to offer 12 Siphons of Sparkling Water for our Mother’s feast day. We can at least quench our thirst in style on that day... I wrote to Jeanne to remind her about 21st June, I’ve asked her for some cherries, because I would be most upset if she didn’t contribute.

Everything I have asked for above must arrive in time for midday Saturday because it will be at 3 o’clock that we will celebrate. Afterwards, we shall act out a little comic play, and the next day another more serious one. I am playing two contrasting characters: St. Michael and an Asmodeus. It was Diana Vaughan who gave us the idea of writing this play (RP-7)... Write to our Mother for Saturday.

What a lot of messages, dear Mother, I’m losing my head over them. I am still very well despite the great heat which I am bearing valiantly, it isn’t tiring me as much as in previous years, I’m in a state of grace at last… Yesterday I sweated so much that our Mother was obliged to swaddle [lr°tv]my back and chest in rags; it was permeating everything. It does me good to sweat like this, it gives me a great deal of strength and I’m really not suffering from it. So don’t go feeling sorry for me. What was most urgent was having my hair cut (the novice’s hair had been cut level with her neck for her investiture on 17th March 1896. It seems that here, in anticipation of her profession, it would be cut again, which would be very short in comparison to its length in civil life) because I can wring out what I have left of it every evening. Tomorrow is washing day, another fine opportunity to sing “Heaven’s the Reward” (poem by Thérèse PS-4).

I am still very happy and am making lots of progress.

Your darling little daughter

Marie of the Eucharist

Thank you for all your lovely letters.

Until our Mother’s feast day you can write me little ‘Personal’ and well-sealed notes.

[2r°tv] Our Mother wants you to give me as much detailed information as possible in your letters: there can never be too much of it, she said. It entertains us all immensely because we share it all at recreation.

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