From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - June 13 (?), 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Guérin - June 13 (?), 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T.

Dear Mother,

You see, you weren’t without my news for long. I am really very well, I was at Matins all week and got up at ½ past 5 instead of quarter to 5. This is great progress because for a long time I was lazy both in the mornings and evenings. My appetite has returned and I think that soon I will be as well as when I joined. [lv°] Are you pleased with my bulletin of health, dear Mother?

And how are you, fortunate inhabitants of La Musse? How is Father? Since you left it hasn’t stopped raining, and raining very hard at that. I thought of you and if in the land of Plenty where you are, the weather is as gloomy as here, you must have got soaked on your way to La Musse (the Guérins had taken the train as far as Bonneville, which was 3 km away from La Musse. A horse and carriage had collected them at the station. On 13th June, the newspaper Le Normand announced torrential rain and flooding in Lisieux). I prayed hard to God that Father wouldn’t fall ill on arrival.

You would be surprised if you knew why I was writing to you, dear Mother!... It’s to ask you something that you will perhaps [2r°] find impossible. For our Mother’s feast day couldn’t we have some trout?... Pierre could cast the nets every evening and as he often catches 3 or 4 a night, at the end of the week there would be quite a stock of them. I thought that you could keep them in the reservoir until Friday and send them to us by Saturday. It would make for a big celebration as we don’t eat them every day. As it will be a fast-free day, we will need enough for 20 people who will hitherto only have eaten a soft-boiled egg (Sunday was a “fast-free day” for the Sisters who were dispensed from the obligation to abstain from meat. Abstinence was perpetual at the Carmel according to the Primitive Rule. Fish and eggs were the only foodstuffs allowed. So the Sisters “on a meat diet” wouldn’t eat the trout). If they are very big, between 12 and 15 should suffice, otherwise we will need [2v°] 18 of them. You will report back to me on this. If the delivery or entry fees (excise duty on entering Lisieux) are too expensive, you mustn’t send them.

Our Mother won’t see my letter; she knows I am writing to you about her feast day. When you see the parish priest of Navarre (Fr. Levasseur), please tell him that I would very much like to write to him but that it is impossible. As our Mother sees our letters, I can’t tell him what is happening within my soul. Tell him I am in great need of his prayers, and that since I took the habit God has given me great graces, but that they are crucifying graces. If I could write to him freely I wouldn’t write 4 pages but rather twenty. Everything I tell him through you all is secret, he mustn’t talk to me about these things openly. You understand, don’t you?

When you reply to me, you could put a little note in with the letter with the word “Personal” written on it, underlined. Our Mother won’t see it. It will be in addition to the letter. Our Mother doesn’t know anything about the trout.

I’m thinking of you all, too much perhaps, [lr°tv] and my mind wanders to La Musse so often that I don’t think God is pleased. He knows how to make his criticism felt, so I am trying to be very faithful. I must, apparently, become a great saint. Acting like one is hard and difficult.

I send you all millions and millions of kisses.

Send us news from La Musse, it interests everyone. How is old Bichette? And the young one? Old Bichette is 26 years old… We are both beginning to grow old (the mare Bichette was the same age as Marie Guérin, who would be 26 on 22nd August).

I will also write to [lv°tv] Father, I will be ever so proud to receive letters from him.

Your little daughter who loves her dear parents very much.

Marie of the Eucharist


[2r°tv] Could Buffet not bring us the Children of Mt. Carmel’s rose when it flowers? The bouquets of roses are greatly appreciated, especially during the month of the Sacred Heart.

In the little “Personal” note you will write me, write nothing that can’t be read by our Mother, I would be too afraid of her looking at it without thinking. Talk only about the trout or the celebration.

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