From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - April 26-28, 1896.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - April 26-28, 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T. 28th April 96

Dear little Céline,

Don’t be cross that I took so long to reply to you… I received your two letters, including this morning’s one telling me that poor little Marie Ridel is sick (probably a relative of Mr. Pottier. The following letter leads us to believe she died shortly afterwards).

...We shall pray hard… and above all, pray as you do when God sends you a great trial, asking him to give you the resignation to bear it like a Christian.

You are very fortunate, my darling, to have a husband who understands God’s mercy so well. There are so many others who, faced with a trial, would [lv°] rise up against God and see nothing but punishment. All you need do is thank Him for this great grace because I will admit, when two years ago we sought the means to bring him back onto the right path, I would never have believed he would turn so ardently towards good.

Dear little Céline, you will see by my letter that I don’t have much free time to write to you. I began this letter on Sunday, and today, Tuesday, I can resume it. You wouldn’t believe it but there is no shortage of work to do [2r°] at the Carmel. I have changed duties, I am now in the sacristy (with Thérèse, working under the responsibility of Sister Marie of the Angels; cf. LT-192). It is work I enjoy very much. There, everything I do or touch brings me closer to God because I am surrounded by Him. I do the choir too, and clean it. All these duties greatly nourish my soul. You, too, my little darling, have a house, and a temple to decorate for God. Is your dear little angel not God’s temple, and a very pleasing temple in his eyes; she is so pure… The older this dear little one grows, the more you will discover the [2v°] beauties of grace in a soul. You asked me to speak about “me”, very well! Dear little darling, I am very well and am still very happy, but you know, the happiness of religious life consists of the cross, of suffering, and of all things which our natures dislike intensely. If, as the world says, nuns are exempt from life’s struggles, they sometimes have very big inner struggles. But you know, to acquire heaven, it is necessary to work and suffer… You see that however different our duties are, they have a certain link between them because our unique goal is God, and as long as we [2v°tv] refer all our actions to God, we are linked by a stronger bond.

I assure you I will pray for you and all your family in order that God may give you strength and courage. Pray for me, too, won’t you? You know that I haven’t forgotten you and that I will never forget you.

Your little Sister Marie of the Eucharist.

Remember me to your husband. Give a hug to Baby.

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