From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore Guérin - April 19, 1896.



From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Isidore Guérin - April 19, 1896.

+ Jesus J.M.J.T.

Dear Father,

I hope that you are continuing to feel better and better, we are all very pleased. – Our Mother had us pray a novena to the Holy Face and Our Lady of Lourdes for your prompt recovery. You see we have not forgotten you in your beloved little Carmel… Today is a great feast day, the feast of the Good Shepherd, and I am carrying the crook (the Prioress was considered the “shepherdess” of her Sisters, and was celebrated on the second Sunday of Easter. The youngest Sister of the community – the youngest to enter religious life – would carry the crook decorated with flowers wherever the “shepherdess” went. Photos 21, 22, 23 of Thérèse show this crook) and follow our Mother wherever she goes all day long. The little lambs who are the little novices surround the revered shepherdess all day long. [v°] You see, dear father, how the feast days at the Carmel always portray something close to family life, something maternal.

Your little daughter is still very happy, dear Father, and doesn’t spread sadness, apparently… God has been working hard in her soul since she took the habit… It is because on that day she took a big step in religious life; she grew up, and her divine Fiancé, who wants everything, knows exactly how to cut and chisel away everything that displeases him, and it is sometimes hard.

I’m thinking of my dear father who is suffering and I unite my suffering to that of my beloved parents for the redemption of souls. If I didn’t suffer it would be a bad sign, it would mean God doesn’t want [v°tv] me or doesn’t expect much from me.

I send you both all the kisses in my heart, which is not small.

Your little daughter

Marie of the Eucharist

Give a big kiss to Jeannette, Léonie and Francis. How Jeanne amused us the other day in the visiting room.

Thank you, thank you for all the treats.

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