From sr Marie of the Eucharist to J. La Néele. Beginning of December (?) 1895.

From sr Marie of the Eucharist to J. La Néele. Beginning of December (?) 1895.

   + Jesus                                                                                                            J.M.J.T.

     Dear little Jeanne,

     Our Mother has asked me to write to you to thank you and to thank Francis for the trouble he took to give us information concerning the Superior (the replacement of Fr. Delatroëtte, who had died the previous 8th October. His successor as parish priest of Saint-Jacques church, Canon Maupas, would become Superior of the Carmel, although it would seem that at the outset, he was not Mother Agnès’ first choice - see her letter from the beginning of December 1895). If only you knew how touched she was by this. She would have liked to tell you so herself; she was hoping [lv°]to find the time she needed to slip you a short note in the post, but hasn’t managed to. If only you could see how busy she is, there are days when she can’t spare a single second to speak to us. I can assure you that it is no mean task being Prioress!...

     If our Mother had been able to write to you she would have dealt with thanking you and speaking to you from the heart much better than your poor little sister. You win nothing from it [2r°] being your ugly little scribbler. Nevertheless, he will do as best he can. Only, there is one thing bothering him, which is that he feels incapable of expressing and giving you the affection that our Mother has for you, duckling.

     Dear little Jeanne, there is nothing new in my little life; it is still the same as ever (it is surprising that Marie makes no reference to her recent illness, and that later on she speaks about her attendance in the choir as if it was perfectly normal, because a note from Mother Agnès shows that the postulant was still sick), but that might not be the case for you, who are in the midst of the hurly-burly of the world. Here all [2v°] days are alike, I know the proverb is “no two days are alike” but I can assure you that at this rhythm, the days go by very, very fast. To think that I will soon have been in the Carmel for four months!... And my affection for you has only grown over these four months. Here is a story that will remind you of when I was young. The other day, when I arrived in the choir, I fell flat as I bent my knee. Everyone cried out, but it sent Sister Geneviève and I into such a fit of giggles that I was obliged to leave the service. Isn’t that just typical of me?

Your little sister who cherishes you and eats you and her big brother up with kisses.

Sister Marie of the Eucharist


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