From sr Marie of the Eucharist to J. La Néele - November (?) 1895.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to J. La Néele - November (?) 1895.

Dear little Jeanne.

       I have just received your long letter, if only you understood how much pleasure it brought me!... You are as loving as ever to your poor little sister, who returns this affection deep down in her heart, but is still incapable of [lv°] showing it. Do you believe that I love you?... Oh, yes! You do, don’t you. The outside is rough but the inside is full of tenderness…

     Don’t feel so sorry for me, I assure you I don’t feel the cold at all. You know I grew quite used to harsh conditions when I was in the world, so now I suffer much less, and also you know I am in grace, so I don’t notice the frost. [2r°] But please, don’t suffer from the cold on my account, but if it was for God, oh yes! I couldn’t ask for anything better, and you will see how handsomely He will reward you. He is already rewarding you for waking earlier in the mornings, because you seem very cheerful and happy, and the migraines don’t seem to be making an appearance. I found your clapper system very amusing, it’s another one of Francis’ great inventions… he only ever has [2v°] good ideas, especially if it’s to grow in perfection, in which case he pulls out all the stops.

       At the Carmel we too have a clapper system to which it’s impossible to turn a deaf ear. We have to get up at all costs, and also, you see, I always want to arrive in the choir first so I can have the angel’s blessing, and so far I’ve only failed twice.

       My letter isn’t as interesting as yours, and it is because, you see, at the Carmel life follows its usual little routine [2v°tv], hardly anything new happens, and if it does, it amuses no one but the poor Carmelites. Here we are always cheerful and the most trivial of things will bring us great amusement. I’m so cheerful you wouldn’t recognize me, and it’s because the great sacrifice of the separation is over. I can assure you the thought of it changed my character, though without seeming to.

         Thank you again for your letter which brought me immense pleasure. If only you knew how much I love receiving news from those I love.

I send lots of big kisses to you and to my big seraphim (Francis), seraphic both in name and in deed.

Your little sister

Marie of the Eucharist


   [lr°tv] Mother Marie de Gonzague sends you her best wishes. If only you knew how good she is to me… All your little Carmelites eat you up with kisses.

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