From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - September 15, 1895.



From sr Marie of the Eucharist to Mme Pottier - September 15, 1895.

+ Jesus                               J.M.J.T.                                15th Sept. 95

Dear little Céline,

     I was very pleased to receive your little letter… it has been a long while since I heard from you, and I was beginning to hope for a letter telling me about the life of the little inhabitants of Fervaques.

I am glad to see that God hasn’t abandoned you, because he has sent you a few trials and to me it seems you are stronger and braver in the midst of these sacrifices than God is asking of you.

I haven’t forgotten you, I assure [lv°] you, in my new life; on the contrary. You are even more present in my mind now and God often hears me mention you and all your family. Your dear little angel (little Marguerite, aged three and a half months) is still particularly dear to me. You know how much interest I take in her, and I assure you that I shared the sacrifice God asked of you, and I understood your sorrow… Did you not, as I told you to, give all your darling little daughter’s smiles to Jesus?... Do not be afraid, He will not abandon you and hitherto, as you have said many times, you have only had cause to thank Him for all the graces he has given you.

       Your little preacher hasn’t [2r°] disappeared, as you can see… I’m still preaching to you on the same subject but it’s because I know how much you need it although I have noticed you have made a great deal of progress. Surrender and courage; that is your motto.

       You would like me to tell you about my joys and sorrows as I used to do. I will always be glad to continue our little conversations… If only you knew, my dear darling, how happy I am. I would never have thought I could feel so happy… All my desires, which I often shared with you, are at last fulfilled, and now I only have one ambition, which is to become a saintly Carmelite. You know what the two [2v°] of us agreed when you got married: in the different vocations to which we have been called, we will endeavour to become saints. You know what sainthood consists of, I am more conscious of it now than ever; it is loving God with all one’s heart and thinking of Him very often by winning as many souls for him as possible. I know you understand what I mean… Do you know what a poor little soul wanting to give herself entirely to Jesus does? She sweeps and dusts for much of the day. This is my life and I do everything in my power not to waste these actions that are so small in appearance. Every little speck of dust can be transformed into an act of love and a plea for the forgiveness for souls.

         I will leave you now, darling, by sending you lots of kisses and by telling you again that I will always love you. Give a big kiss to your [2v°tv] little angel. I haven’t forgotten the smiles she gave me last time I held her in my arms. You really would have thought that she understood I was saying goodbye.

Your dear little preacher

Sister Marie of the Eucharist


Remember me to your husband.

Mother Marie de Gonzague and your cousins send their regards to their little Céline (this PS was written by Mother Agnès – note that the Martin and Maudelonde families were not cousins).

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