From sr Marie of the Eucharist to J. La Néele - August 19, 1895.


From sr Marie of the Eucharist to J. La Néele - August 19, 1895.

+ Jesus.                                                                               J.M.J.T.

        Dear little Jeanne,

       How can I go about wishing a happy feast day to the ever so Great and ever so Revered Jeanne La Néele?... (the feast day of Saint Jane Frances de Chantal was then celebrated on 21st August). And yet this is what I wish her, with all my heart… Here the author is at a loss…but not for very long. There is only one thing I can do now and it is not unappreciable. I speak to God about all those I love and ask him to grant them the graces they need. I ask him for one grace in particular [lv°], which is one of my little Jeanne’s greatest desires, but I desire God’s will above all. I beg Papa, Mama and Léonie to give you big kisses from me. And dear old Franco… If I forgot him, his little wife wouldn’t be pleased with me. So I ask him to give you lots of kisses in my name and I ask my Credidi19 (Jeanne) to give kisses to her poor little squirt of a husband, Papa, Mama and Léonie for me. In short, give a general concert of smacking kisses that I can hear from the Carmel. I have a very keen ear, you know, and I am sure I will be able to tell when the celebration is taking place. If only you knew how good life is at the Carmel!... I’m not saying that to give you any regrets, you have your own novitiate and I know [2r°] that you are very happy. As for me, I am very happy too and wouldn’t give my place up for anyone.

         If only you knew how good Mother Marie de Gonzague is to me. If she hears movement at night, she quickly listens to make sure I am not sick. Tell Mama this and tell her that she has placed me in the hands of someone who spoils me a lot, too much even…

       I have to hurry, I’ve just heard the matraque (clapper: plank of wood with a metal handle that was used as an alarm in the Carmel at 4:45am in summer and at 1pm to mark the end of the siesta. The postulant was writing at the end of the noon great silence), I must go and work.  

Our Mother wishes you a happy feast day, Mother Marie de Gonzague also sends you her best wishes, as do my other little sisters.

Your little sister who cherishes you

Sister Marie of the Eucharist


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