From sr Marie of the Eucharist to her parents - August 17, 1895.



From sr Marie of the Eucharist to her parents - August 17, 1895.

17th (?) August 1895.

+ Jesus                                                                               J.MJ.T.

Dear Papa, dear Mama,

       You will certainly not be able to guess why I’m writing to you at half past six in the morning. It is because Mother Marie de Gonzague is sending you a big parcel. But be careful with it!... It’s a living creature whose remarkable call your little Marie can imitate very well. This duck, because that is its real name, is only visiting Rue Paul-Banaston for a few hours, after which time he will leave for Caen and be eaten by the whole family gathered around the Oratory (at the La Néele’s house, where Mr. and Mrs. Guérin and Léonie would stay for a few days).

       You know how good the ducks from the Carmel are, so enjoy it. I myself will enjoy [lv°] no longer hearing it go quack, quack, quack. It is no doubt the pleasure or dread of having its neck twisted that has meant that mister duck has been very quiet this morning. I haven’t heard him go quack, quack, which means that I haven’t had the illusion of hearing a Sister begin a Psalm at the other end of the dormitory. Remember when you eat it that he was the one I heard so distinctly yesterday morning.

         It was Mother Marie de Gonzague who wanted you to be sent the famous duck that enchanted your little daughter’s ears yesterday morning. If only you knew how good Mother Marie de Gonzague is… I love her very much.

       I had a magnificent night’s sleep; [2r°]I slept straight through from 9 o’clock last night until half past 5 this morning. We sleep well at the Carmel and don’t have time to fool around looking to see whether the mattress is hard or not.  

         Be very happy and very pleased because your little daughter is so happy she is almost in heaven already.

I smother you both with kisses and love you more and more.

Your little daughter

Sister Marie of the Eucharist


This morning during the Office, my Credidi (Jeanne) was mentioned, which made me jump in my stall. I send my kisses to her and Léonie whom I love very much. Say hello to Maria, I hope she is looking after you..

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