From Marie Guérin to sr Geneviève - August 5, 1895.


From Marie Guérin to sr Geneviève - August 5, 1895.

Dear little Geneviève,

I have come to wish you a happy feast day (of the Holy Face, celebrated on 6th August, the solemn Feast of the Transfiguration. Sister Geneviève had not renounced her title ‘Marie of the Holy Face’ and would observe the feast day until her death) full of wonderful things. I have been asked to pass on all the family’s wishes, as nobody has the time to write to you because of all the trunks we are packing today (the Guérins were returning from their stay at La Musse).

    At last, tomorrow evening we are coming back to Lisieux!... I daren’t think that in a week I will take flight for the Carmel. If only you knew what a strange effect [lv°] this thought has on me… This morning I said farewell to the parish priest of Saint-Sébastien and asked for his blessing (Father Chilard, former military chaplain). If only you saw how he wept, he cried so much he was obliged to leave us. Everyone wept except me, I am becoming as hard as marble and nothing moves me anymore. – He enquired after you and is very grateful to you for all the goodness you showed him. He was very fond of you. He has completely changed his mind about Carmelites, he seems to understand better now. I believe it was the parish priest of N. (“The parish priest of Navarre”: Father Levasseur, the parish priest of Saint-Germain-de-Navarre, on the outskirts of Evreux) who changed his mind like this.

     Léonie is being very kind, you don’t know how cheerful she is and how she makes us laugh. Since the priest of N. told her not to think about the convent anymore, she is transformed. He knew exactly how to handle her. He will come to Lisieux this week, to our house of course, and he told me he would give me a good whipping before my entry. I believe he is counting on seeing me by myself, but I’m not counting on that. I don’t know how he manages to know the human [2v°] heart so well. He guesses what is in mine so well that he leaves me stunned.

   Mama is sending you some tins of salmon and some plums. I will also bring you a lovely little melon from La Musse but not until Wednesday. If you don’t receive these things, send a letter to Aunt Clé (“Aunt Clémence”, Miss Pigeon) on Tuesday. She is in charge of buying them. Marguerite Leroy came to La Musse on Friday, she will come back with us tomorrow, her uncle is in Caen (Marguerite Leroy, who would join the Benedictines of Lisieux and become Mother Marie of the Rosary, would be a witness in the Trial. — Mr. Guérin noted in his diary: “1st August: Journey from La Musse to Caen and to the Bon Sauveur hospital to see Mr. Leroy”). I announced my entry to her; she wasn’t at all surprised and said that she had been able to tell for a long time, even when I was [2r°tv] very small, that I would become a nun. My demeanour made this quite obvious apparently.

     [2v°tv] Give lots and lots of kisses to my dear mother (Mother Marie de Gonzague) for me and tell her how much I love her. I send you a big kiss and kisses from the whole family who cherishes you.

Your little sister,


Tell Pauline that I send her lots and lots of love. Léonie thanks her for her letter, which brought her great pleasure. Give my love to Marie and Thérèse too.

Oh, do pray for me! If only you knew what a state I’m in… If only you could understand. Léonie and Mama would have liked to write to you but it’s impossible.

You will receive the tins and plums tomorrow.


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