From Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) - February 9, 1916


+ Jesus                                                                Tuesday 9 February 1916

Beloved little sister,

Jeanne asked us to give you news of Francis on her behalf, because she is overwhelmed and so sad she doesn’t have the courage to write. From time to time she sends two words to Our Mother, our turn sisters go every day to ask for news.

That poor Francis doesn’t leave his room, he speaks very little, for he’s having trouble speaking, despite that, there are times when he is very happy. It is a sister of the Mercy who treats him. Jeanne wouldn’t be able to suffice to everything. She still hopes that the good God will cure him, but it seems to me that, on the contrary, He won’t be long to call him to Himself and I think this will be a great grace, because if Francis had to stay paralyzed, deem what sad situation it would be.

Let us let the good God do it, abandon ourselves to Him, He knows better than us what is the most useful for us.

Our little Mother is sending you the photograph of the Honour Cross and also the one that you wanted of our little Marie.

We also forgot to give you the candle merchant’s address, here it is :

Mr Félix Fournier
Candle factory

Goodbye, beloved little sister, if there is nothing new, I won’t write to you, because the health status of the doctor remains nearly the same.

I forgot to tell you that the tribunal is here for Sr Marthe and Sr Aimée of Jesus, who will be done this evening, a day for each one, it is not too much ! and the rest of the week these gentlemen will interrogate the priest of St Pierre, of St Jacques, Mr Faucon. They will be back in July for Sr Marie of the Trinity who is not 50 and can’t pass this time. What an endless trial. Fortunately the good God won’t be that lenghty to declare us Blessed…

Your little sister who loves you so much,

Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart