From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - Thursday February 1916

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - Thursday February 1916

Jesus +                                                                                     Thursday February 1916

Dear little sister,

I must write to tell you that we had run out of circulars by the time we received your letter. Our Mother had just enough printed to send to our Carmels, but be patient because in a month or so we’ll send you the little booklet that the Bishop allowed us to print, and then you’ll be able to give the circular to your dear foundation.

I am so happy knowing you had a good feast day, but I don’t want you to be heavy-hearted on seeing your feast day cakes arrive. Don’t feel sorry for us; I assure you we have our fair share of treats. Sometimes we don’t know where they come from. For example, on your feast day, the headmistress of St. Pierre boarding school, who was very fond of our Mother Sub-Prioress, sent us two enormous tarts for our little Mother’s feast day (she wasn’t quite sure to which day it had been postponed).

In my envelope, darling little sister, you will find a letter from Our Mother. She was going to post it the same day we received yours. I convinced her that we hadn’t sent a thank you note for Didine’s beautiful lace, and Our Mother had forgotten she had sent a card. She wanted to tear up her letter, but I told her that her little Visitandine would simply love it, and I would have sent it anyway because it contains very suave advice, which does me good, too.

You know Francis is still very sick. He risks being paralysed. You would perhaps do well to write to Jeanne to say you are praying for his recovery.

Farewell beloved little sister, I send you all my love and kisses!

I almost forgot to tell you that Our Mother had a magnificent feast day and received all sorts of lovely gifts relating to our little saint, including a flag (not a banner), which some Americans sent to be placed in the chapel at the beatification. Sr. Geneviève has had several Legion of Honour crosses put in a beautifully frame, along with some war crosses that two soldiers sent as ex-votos. It looks superb. This was my gift to her because I am always so poor that I only have that which people give me. We must take a photograph of it and send it to you.