From P. Pichon to Marie Martin - May 21, 1883.

From Fr. Pichon to Marie. 21st May 1883.

+ Laval, 21st May.

My good Child in Christ Jesus,

After the retreat I am giving here, at the Sacred Heart, I have six works left to preach before 30th June, one novena, three Triduum and two Retreats. Are you able to sympathize a little with this load weighing on my pen?

How could you cut me off from your dear lines?! It’s bad, very bad and I would complain out loud if your last letter hadn’t largely compensated me. However you are wrong to think me cruel enough to love these pages that are written at the expense of your sleep.

Together with you and with all my heart [l v°] I call it a miracle (Thérèse’s recovery on 13th May). Do you know I have a very warm affection for your dear little Thérèse? A grandpapa is subject to weaknesses for his grandchildren. I love everything in this very candid soul, even her demands on you. Since she loves you so much, she is very deeply in my heart. I rejoice to think that God is reserving a very privileged future for her and that the Blessed Virgin is watching over her with a motherly affection.

Would it be in view of the retreat in Vitré that God healed your invalid? Something tells me I can still hope.

[2 r°] Throw all compliments into the heart of Jesus and don’t go spoiling your best qualities with misplaced vanity. Jesus smiles at you from the Tabernacle every time you evade praise. What you said so well in your last letter shall always be perfectly true: you find you will never feel better than when you have nothing left to give. Give yourself entirely to Jesus and He will be entirely yours. Now Jesus; that what happiness is. It’s a fortunate necessity for you to be generous, delicate, at the risk of

(….. )

[2 v°] towards you. Keep insisting you give him every right. If he asks for a sample, give him the whole piece of fabric.

Spare nothing to resume taking your lost Communions. Jesus will be so grateful to you.

Tell your Thérèse that I bless her with Mama (Marie) just as one blesses the best of one’s children.


[2 v° tv] From 25th M. to 4th July in Nantes, except for

[2 r° tv] Vitré (Orphanage of Vitré, Ille et Vilaine) from 11th to (…)

[1 v°' tv ] The enclosed holy picture is for our dear little one risen back to life.


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