From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse - Beginning of May (?) 1883

From Agnes of Jesus to Thérèse.

Beginning of May (?), 1883

J. M. .J. T.

Long live Jesus!

Dear little Thérèse,

Since you've scolded me through Marie for not having written you at all, here is a large sheet of paper which I'm going to fill to the end in order to make up for my fault.

Poor little Benjamin of my heart, if you only knew how much I love you, with what tenderness I think of you each day, at each moment of the day! Do you recall the little stanzas you used to recite for Papa's feast, two or three years ago? Well, I'm going to say to you today what you used to say to him then:


In the morning when I awake, after God, I think of you. In the evening when I sleep In my dreams I see you once again!

Oh, yes, my little darling, you are always in my mind. At each moment, I send you my good angel to carry my caresses; is he car­rying out my assignment well?

Darling, from time to time, send me your angel, after you have placed the very sweet kisses of your heart under his wings.

Mother Marie de Gonzague was very happy, the other day, with the pretty bouquet; she kisses her dear little daughter and is keeping her in her heart close to petit Paulin. ... In Carmel, we love Thérèse just as they do at Les Buissonnets, we pray for her, we're concerned about her, and we talk about her incessantly. I myself am waiting the beautiful day of her cure with great impa­tience; I've already made all my plans for making it a day of real celebration. Our Mother has promised me that I'll see the cured little one in the very delightful speak room which she so much loves, the speak room of her confidences! We'll stay there, the two of us, as long as we want. Oh! I'm the one who will have things to tell you, poor darling, since the time we've said nothing to each other except in our heart.... I'm going to provide myself with all kinds of beautiful Carmelite stories in order not to be destitute of things to say for even one instant. We'll babble and babble and laugh, and it will be a case of who outdoes the other!. . .

Come, then, good Saint Gorgonius, touch quickly and speed up that sweet moment! What does all this contemplating mean for an endless time without doing anything at all!. . . Hurry up or the both of us will not remain good friends.... Behold the spring which is passing away and the summer which is coming with its beautiful days of blue skies; make my poor Thérésita benefit by them. . . . And the little birds are coming to build their nests. Papa has even told me that he had seen several of them in the garden. I would not want one little bird to fly away from its little house without having you as a witness, my dear little girl!

There are many of them at Carmel in the morning; I hear them singing and I think of you, poor little bird, plunged up to your neck in feathers for such a long time. There are also beautiful flowers here, especially at this very moment: shepherd's purse, primroses, daisies, gilliflowers, and my dear little flower, the forget-me-not. It's showing me its blue eye and seems to be say­ing: "Think of your dear child with the blue eyes, who is smiling at you from afar."

Well, little child, the flowers of Carmel are lovable, aren't they? We can see and feel them blooming under the angels' wings and in the shadow of the Tabernacle where Thérèse's little Jesus always dwells and rests.

Adieu, my darling; my tenderest kisses are for you. Without your realizing it, I'm always at your side, taking care of you in my heart. I can see you, kiss you, love you.... Whenever I go to see Mother Marie de Gonzague, we both talk about you as a much- loved and spoiled little girl.... She loves you very much, this gentle Mamma of your soul....

Little Benjamin, everybody loves you, but above us there is a Heart that surpasses us in its tenderness, it is the Heart of the Holy Child Jesus!. . . Oh! how He constantly looks lovingly at His little Thérèse! How He smiles at her. . . how He blesses her.

Adieu, Baby. Get well quickly. I am always,

Your Agnes, your petit Paulin.


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