From Mme Martin to Pauline CF 199 - May 1, 1877.

From Mme Martin to Pauline

Alençon, May 1, 1877

My dear Pauline,

I was very upset to learn that you’re still suffering, I’ve been thinking about you constantly since you left. Now I’m worrying a little less since you’re hardly doing any work anymore and you follow a good regimen.

This is what I recommend, that you neither worry about your prizes or the white crown. I only ask for one thing, that your teachers be satisfied with you, and I see with great happiness that this is so, because Sister Marie-Louise de Gonzague [Vétillart] wrote me today.

I don’t mind if you’re not taking any courses as long as you’re not bored, because if you get bored, your headache will get worse. So you must give up your studies for the moment, if necessary, but while distracting yourself by drawing or doing whatever activity your teachers tell you to do.

To come back to your report, I think it’s very good, and I could hardly wish for better. I don’t know what you have to worry about. As for me, I’m very satisfied.

I’m still thinking about the pilgrimage from Laval, if indeed it’s true that there is one. My intention is to take you with me. We’ll pray to the Blessed Mother so that she takes away your migraines.

As soon as you have information about this pilgrimage, write to me so I can make arrangements for tickets. If your father’s not opposed to it, we’ll also take Marie and Léonie with us.

Am I right in thinking that you received my letter when I received yours this morning?

I have nothing new to tell you. We’re all well, I’m almost not suffering at all, and I very much hope that the Blessed Mother will cure me.

I kiss you with all my heart.


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