From Mme Martin to Pauline CF 204 - May 1877.

From Mme Martin to Pauline

May 1877

My dear Pauline,

I just received your letter and, at the same time, I received Sister Marie-Paula’s, as well. The pilgrimage leaves June 18 at seven-fifty in the morning, so we’ll have to leave Le Mans on Sunday. As you know, I don’t like travelling on Sunday, but God knows that this time we have no choice. We’ll take an afternoon train in order to be able to attend all the morning services.

So I’m taking you, my dear Pauline, as well as Marie and Léonie. We’ll arrive just in time for the end of the retreat, which should end Friday. I’m asking the director of the boarding school, Sister Marie-Louise de Gonzague, if she would be kind enough to keep Marie until Sunday.

Before leaving, I’ll attend the first Mass here and arrive in Le Mans at nine o’clock. I’ll still have time to go to High Mass, after which I’ll go and get you.

The pilgrimage won’t return until Friday. I think we’ll remain in Angers until Saturday because I’d very much like to see Sister Marie-Paula again. She was so good to you that we can’t pass through Angers, so close to her, without visiting her. It’s quite probable we won’t be able to if we continue on that night because we’ll arrive too late. This good Sister offered to find me at the station, and this will be a great help to me.

In the beginning, your father didn’t approve of my taking all three of you, but now he wants me to, saying that no sacrifice is too great to obtain such a great miracle. And even if I don’t obtain it, I’ll never regret having taken you there. We must be open to generously accepting God’s will, whatever it may be, because it will always be what’s best for us.

In any case, my Pauline, we must prepare ourselves well for this pilgrimage. I’m counting more on you than on the others for this. I don’t know why I have this idea because Marie is praying for me so much, also with all her heart.

Your little letter made me very happy. Don’t write me anymore now until my arrival. We’ll spend a lovely day together. I’m delighted by it already, my beloved Pauline, but if you have a headache, I’ll be sad.

As for the dress you asked me for, I can’t have one made for you without a model. Instead, on the 10th, I’ll bring home the one that’s torn, have it repaired, and bring it back when we go on the pilgrimage. It’s not worth buying you a black dress for the two months you have left at the Visitation Monastery. I’ll try and make sure that the ones you have last.

I’ll see you soon, my dear Pauline, pray hard for me since I’m especially counting on you.

Your mother who loves you dearly.


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