The Saint Protectors of the year

You have for protection this year your good Father Saint Joseph -- Ask him that you will grow in the interior life, in the intimacy of Jesus and Mary, and to love him very much.

Your protector for the year will be St. John the Evangelist --- Remember often the word of the great Apostle of Charity: “Love one another. This is the Lord’s Commandment, and whoever fulfils this, fulfils all the others.”

Your protector for the year will be Our Mother St. Teresa -- Imitate her ardent zeal for the well being of souls and pray to her to communicate to your heart the love that embraced hers.

Your protector for the year will be Our Father St John of the Cross -- Ask him to make you understand how the soul advances in love when she generously accepts to walk in the “dark night”: accomplishing most faithfully all her duties without imploring God for the least consolation.

Your protectors for the year will be the Holy Innocents -- Honor them in imitating the virtues of childhood: obedience, simplicity and they will obtain for you the grace to share above their palms and their crowns that the Lord will freely give you as He did to them, if, like them, you will stay little.

Your protector of the year will be St. Joachim, father of the Holy Virgin -- Honor him in sharing his tenderness for Mary and for Jesus, and in him remember often his glory of being the grandfather of the Messiah. In return, he will have for you, spouse of his divine Grandchild, all the love and attention of a Grandfather.

Your protector for the year will be St. Anne -- Honor her by imitating the ardor of her prayers. It was given to her, in recompense, a divine posterity; she will obtain for you to be the mother of great spiritual posterity; she will aid you in giving heaven a multitude of souls that you dream to pull out of hell and that you wish to see obtain sanctity.

Your protector for the year will be St. Mary Magdalene -- Honor her through the practice of ardent and confident love; so that thinking about your infidelities you will not ever stop in your surge towards God.

Your protector for the year will be St. Martha -- Honor her in imitating her tender charity towards her neighbors. Have for your Sisters the same care, attentions, considerations that she had towards Jesus, and you can reach even higher than she in love because it takes more love to serve Jesus in others than in His very own adorable Person.

Your protector for the year will be St. John the Baptist – Like him, flee into the desert, remove all vain temporal thoughts, raise yourself above the miseries of this life, do not attach your heart or your spirit to straws, do not allow yourself to be troubled by meaningless things. Your protector will thus lead you in solitude. You will obtain that the Well-Beloved will speak to your heart.

Your protector for the year will be St. Simeon -- Honor him in his burning desires for the arrival of the Messiah in souls, in hoping to see your Savior face to face. An, so, this year, it will be one or the other, when the good God calls you to Him, the old saint will obtain for you to die in a profound peace.


Your protector for the year will be St Cecile -- Honor her by singing without ceasing in your heart the hymn of love and of confidence in the midst of your greatest difficulties. Practice her abandonment and the good God will perform miracles, if it is necessary, to assist you.

Your protector for the year will be St. Agnes -- Imitate the generosity of this young virgin. Launch yourself towards sacrifice with a smile like her; face everything in an intrepid manner for the love of Jesus, give presents without ceasing, like her, for the amiable spirit of your divine spouse.

Your protector for this year will be St. Michael -- Strive to work with him to push back demons into hell; your fidelity in obedience, your humility will be the best arms to combat rebellious Angels. And, if the enemies of our well-being attack your soul, the valiant Archangel will become your defender.

Your protection for this year will be St. Raphael -- This sweet angel of the divine Mystery of the Incarnation will reveal to you splendors. He will speak to you of Jesus and Mary; he will be for your soul a messenger of happy and celestial news; if you want these, ask him with fervor.

You will this year for protection and as a guide have the Angel St. Raphael – If you wish in this regard to imitate the confidence of young Tobias, he will lead you, through all perils and without harm, but on the contrary filled with all kinds of benefits, to your eternal Homeland, to the house of your Father of Heaven.

You will have this year for protection St Gertrude – Imitate her tender confidence in Our Lord, her simplicity in prayer, and, if the good God does not grant your prayers through visible miracles which you would favor, He will make for you invisible ones in converting souls far away.

This year your protector will be St. Francis, the Seraphim of Assisi – Imitate him in delivering with all ardor of your heart the love of Jesus. Ask him for you to be, following his example, covered with this ecstasy of love with which he in a saintly manner revolutionized his century and relit the sacred fire of charity that seemed to be blowing out in Europe.

Your protector for the year will be St. Paul – Honor him by imitating in the midst of the tribulations of this life the fervor that made him say that nothing would separate him from the love of Jesus; like him, forget the past, “dash forward”, fly to the conquest of souls, and one day you will deserve to share his title of Apostle of Nations because you will have saved multitudes through your hidden heroism.

This year your protectors will be the Holy Angels -- Honor them in imitating in this life, through your fidelity, inspired by grace, and later in Heaven you will, like them, place your bliss to carry out the will of the good God, and, also like them, to become a messenger of happiness to your brothers on earth.


This year, your protector will be St. Peter -- You are a daughter of the Church, and your greatest desire is to see her reign understood. Her first Pastor will develop in you this love and this zeal, and will allow them to bear the fruits of salvation.

The Most Holy Virgin does not wish to entrust to anyone else the care of protecting you this year – She will carefully watch over you. In return for her so great tenderness, love her, imitate her, honor her more than she ever has been.

The Holy Family wishes to be during the entire year your protectors -- Live well in intimacy as the little child of Mary and Joseph and the little sister of Jesus -- Love the three more than ever, and rejoice in the happiness of being in this ineffable company.

Your protector this year will be the Holy Prophet Elijah -- Ask him to increase in you the zeal for all that touches upon the glory of God, and to obtain for you a fervor that is greater and greater in all your religious exercises.

You have for a protector this year the Blessed Theophane Venard -- Honor him with a great fidelity to your vocation, whatever the difficulties may be that are aroused by the evil spirit. He will make you understand more and more that, through your daily labors and your small hidden sacrifices in your solitude, you will powerfully aid missionaries converts the poor pagans.


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