From Mrme Guérin to J. La Néele - June 5, 1894.

From Mrme Guérin to J. La Néele - June 5, 1894. 

5th June 94

Dear little Jeanne

This morning Mr. Martin suffered a very violent attack. Just when we were about to lift him, he turned black. Désiré thought the end had come; he called your papa who came running up with some ether, which helped. Afterwards, he brought up his milk which brought him relief once again. Apparently his pulse had stopped. Your papa quickly sent for us at Mass where I had gone with Céline and Marie; and when we [lv°] arrived, the attack was over. It was much more violent than those he had had on Sunday, your papa said. It is becoming very serious, and we must be ready for an incident at any moment. Seeing this, I sent a message to Miss Berthault telling her to wait until the last minute before making the dresses we are to wear for the wedding (Céline Maudelonde’s wedding, 19th June), because I don’t know what might happen.

Yesterday evening, Grandmama had an attack; your papa was sent for at ten o’clock. And yet she had had quite a good day. I had gone to see her, and we had been all the way to St. Désire together. She had enjoyed that. Your papa is with her at the moment. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to give you more news before the post leaves. – I sent for the butter yesterday. – Is your stomach better?

I send all my love to you and Francis and also to your little Marthe.

Your Mother

C. Guérin

Your papa has just come home from seeing Grandmama. Her attack was completely over by about one o’clock. This morning she is very weak. My husband made her promise not to leave her bedroom, because he thinks the attack is the consequence of her moving about. Aimée says the same; she is always moving around.

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