From Marie Guérin to her father - June 16, 1886.

From Marie Guérin to her father. 16th June 1886.

Dear Father

I don’t want Jeanne’s letter to go without mentioning to you the happiness I felt on seeing the house. It is charming, I’m already completely used to it. The garden is much bigger than I thought it would be; there’s room to play a match of badminton. I really love being in my room and I’ve a magnificent view. This morning I had fun in my bed watching the sea. We went to visit Louise Bellanger (Louise Bellenger (future Mrs. Périn) was Thérèse’s fellow communicant on 8th May 1884, when Louise took her second Communion) who was very kind to us, she is much better. I’m running out of paper, but I still have enough to thank you and send you all the best wishes that your little daughter can find in her heart. Accept [2 v° tv] a large quantity of my kisses. Don’t forget all the family. How is grandma?

Your little daughter


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