From Marie Guérin to Thérèse - June 23 , 1886

From Marie Guérin to Thérèse.

June 23, 1886

The Guérin family rented the "Chalet des Lilas, " rue de la Cavée, Trouville, from June 15 to July 31.


My dear Thérèse,

I understand very well that you haven't been able to write me, and, to prove you are excused, I am coming to talk a little with you. I returned from the market where I met the demoiselles Col­ombe. Up until now, we've been at the beach every afternoon, but today I believe the weather will not permit this; it is very win­dy and a few drops of rain are falling. If my Thérèse were here, she'd enjoy herself watching the children , for we are surrounded on the beach only by babies and they amuse us very much. We have cheerful lodgings, and our large room looks out upon a little garden where Jeanne and I have good games of shuttlecock. My bedroom is charming, and I like it very much. The view from it is delightful; I can see the ocean, especially from the Deauville side, shrimp boats with blue and red sails, boats fishing for eels, and a steamboat arriving. So you see I am cheerful in my little room and our artist would find charming subjects to sketch. I'm not alone in looking at the sea; I have a companion, little Pauline is on my fireplace. You can tell her that, without suspecting it, she is with us at Trouville. How is Madame Papinau? Is she as monotonous as ever? And are your lessons always going well? Tell me all this in your next letter, or tell me this viva voce, which would please us much more, for I hope to see you soon.

Adieu, dear little Thérèse. Kiss Godfather for me and my good little Father when you see him. Don't forget your sisters and receive, for yourself, a great part of my kisses.

Your little sister, Marie

Don't forget my petit Paulin.

Trouville on the sea, June 23, 1886


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