From sr Agnès of Jesus to Marie Martin - Late June 1886.

Sr. Agnès to Marie. End of June 1886.

Here is a letter for Léonie. Pray for me my beloved little Sister. Pray also for Our Mother who is sinking into loneliness.

I can hear the bells that stir my soul unto its very depths. I carry within me an intimate poem that makes me nostalgic for Heaven. See you soon! The earth [v°tv] is nothing. Ah! How “well we are made for that which we do not yet possess”.

Let us take heart in our daily little troubles. All things pass! God loves us. Life is short.

[r° tv] Yesterday evening I read these few words by Bossuet: “Our heart prefers feeding on its desolations and tears than on a half-felt presence that starves more than it sustains.” It speaks for itself. What presence do we never have by halves? Ah! May Jesus show us his Heart!

Tell my Uncle that he can come this week in the evening (it was the octave of the Blessed Sacrament, therefore between 24th June and 1st July) at about ¼ past 4, and my Aunt that I think of her often and that I love her.

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