LT 19 - To Marie Guerin - June 26, 1886

Buissonnets, Saturday, June 26, 1886

My dear little Marie,

I thank you for being so kind as not to expect me to have written you, and so I'm hastening to answer your nice letter very quickly. You can't imagine how much joy it gave me. I'm very happy that you're well and enjoying yourself very much. I haven't any news from Lisieux that I can give you; I know only that we are all well.

You asked me in your letter to give you some news about Madame Papinot; she is very well and often inquires about your health. Regarding my lessons, all goes well; for some time now, their number has been increased, and this is why I wasn't able to write you on Sunday. I am very happy, for tomorrow I will be in white for the Procession. Marie made me try on my things and they fit me very well.

Dear little Marie, I ask you to kiss good Aunt and dear little Jeanne for me.

Au revoir, dear little cousin; pardon me if my letter is poorly done and badly written. It is because I am in such a hurry, and I didn't have time to make an outline. Céline asks me to kiss you, Jeanne, and Aunt. I have not yet carried out your message to Pauline, but I'll do it this afternoon. Your little cousin, who loves you with her whole heart.


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