From Marie Guérin to Thérèse - July 31 ,1886

From Marie Guérin to Thérèse.

July 31, 1886        

Thérèse had joined her cousins at Trouville, "but she was homesick for Les Buissonnets and was forced as a consequence to cut her vacation short".

My dear Thérèse,

Pardon me for having been so long a time without writing you; you're going to believe I have forgotten you. Not in the least; I think of you a lot, but many obstacles have come to upset my cor­respondence. These are the excuses for my delay, and I trust you will accept them.

On Sunday, we went on an outing to La Grâce with Uncle Petit. We had a carriage with two horses, a coachman in uni­form, and off we went, then, for the whole afternoon. The route was charming. When going, we traveled along the edge of the Saint Gatien forest, where we stopped to go and see the home of our ancestors; each of us brought back a souvenir from this farm. Uncle Petit was delighted to see the house again in which he had spent so many happy days. Afterward, we continued on our way to La Grâce. During the trip, we saw a balloon that came from the Honfleur carnival. When we reached La Grâce, we went into the chapel, and there I prayed for my Thérèse and her whole family. You cannot imagine the pretty panorama that unfolded before our very eyes. It was enchanting; the Seine flowing into the sea and, facing us, the coast of Le Havre, Harfleur, etc. On our return, we went along the side of the sea. We came back by way of Villerville. The weather was in our favor and the sea was as calm as a lake. You can imagine the joy that reigned all during this outing. I have nothing else worthy of note to tell you. Our life is always the same; our outings always have as their goals the seashore or the park.

If you are too pressed for time to answer me, don't write, and I won't be the least bit annoyed. I'll write you as though you had answered me, and that will be my revenge. See you soon, darling. I kiss you with all my heart. Don't forget my Godfather and your charming sisters. Be assured of Marie's affection for you.

Trouville-on-the-sea, July 13, 1886


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