From sr Agnès of Jésus to Céline - June-July 1886.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline, June-July (?)1886


My dear petit Célin1,

Just a note to reply to your question. Our Mother is convinced that a picture (it doesn’t matter which) wouldn’t be appreciated by Miss J. F (Jeanne Fleuriot). She said to her herself that it would be impossible for her to accept something that came from the Carmel (Jeanne Fleuriot wanted to enter the Carmel but her parents were opposed to it and unaware of her connections with the monastery). Our Mother’s opinion is that you let it drop, haven’t you thanked and proven your willingness by offering her my St. Teresa? What surprises me a little is that Jeanne is prepared to offer a gift after what my uncle said to Our Mother. It’s very surprising. Well [v°] arrange it with Papa and Marie, but don’t worry, it’s not worth it. If Papa really wants to give something, wouldn’t there be some pretty devotional book at Mr. Bosquain’s?

Farewell, my darling, I’ll wait until I see your little face that I love so much to show you my affection.

Give my love to all the family for me.

Above all thank darling Father for all his little treats. What a good fish dinner he gave us on Wednesday. Ah! How very sweet it is to have taken a vow of poverty and receive alms from the hands of such a good Father!

[v° tv] The beloved Mother (Marie de Gonzague) of the whole family at Les Buissonnets sends her heart with mine.

To the Benjamin (Thérèse), the most tender kiss. See you soon. May we all be very fervent.


1 Term of endearment

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