From sr Agnès of Jesus to Marie Martin - July (?) 1886.

From Sr. Agnès to Marie. July (?) 1886.


Dear Marie,

Here is another letter from Fr. Déodat (Déodat de Basly). I hope Léonie is happy!... I ask God that she takes advantage of it and becomes very, very good.

As for you my beloved, privileged, and unique little sister, who to me seems so favoured in every way, ah! May Jesus give you what he chooses. What he chooses is a lot I believe, but what does that matter? Isn’t it He who gives us that which we are to give him!

Our Mother showed me your letter. I’m not hurt. [v°] It’s precisely what I was expecting. It’s impossible otherwise.

Our Mother loves her Marie very much, which thoroughly pleases me. I say to myself: At least she’ll be understood by her heart! Poor Marie! Poor and rich at the same time. Poor in all things that pass, that is to say poor in earthly joys, but rich in Heaven’s abundance.

Farewell Marie, my beloved, as Papa would write during his long trip (to Constantinople, in August-October 1885). I live with you and by you in Jesus who is unique above all else.

Sr. Agnès of Jesus.

Tell me if I’ve made a mistake with the seal. Wasn’t it at St. Pierre’s that Miss L. took her First Communion? I can easily correct it.

Ask my petit Célin on behalf of Our Mother if she would be kind enough to [v°tv] make a tracing of the bouquet of roses before giving it to Miss Léonie (Léonie Helloy, seamstress to the Martin family). I haven’t been able to do so today, and besides I hadn’t any paper.

Kiss the Benjamin of my heart for her Mother and for me.

Important notice: we are doing the washing on Thursday.

[r° tv] I believe Our Mother would be pleased to have some lettuce. We don’t have as much as I thought we did.

Kiss my Father for me. If only you knew how much I love him!


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